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Yeah, I got a PS3 too. I heard it was trendy.

Up until last week, the week I bought a PS3, the possibility of owning one had never really crossed my mind.

But this story really started in early December, when my girlfriend played Rock Band at a co-worker's party. She loved it, and was heartbroken when I told her that the Wii version was currently unavailable and would probably be gimped when it came out. So she suggested that we jointly get each other an Xbox 360 and Rock Band as our Christmas gifts.(!!!)

Yes, she's definitely a keeper.

But a nagging thought started up. See, I like to read and write about games more than I actually like playing them. More precisely, I like games a lot for somewhere between 30 minutes and a few hours, but I haven't finished any games recently. The closest I've come is abandoning Link right before the final boss battle in Zelda: PH. The media capabilities of the PSTriple were alluring, and I am uncomfortable with the idea of buying electronics with a questionable reliability record. Since about 80% of Dtoiders have a 360, however, I decided to go with that.

So on the 29th, armed with a fistful of Best Buy gift cards from the holidays and my birthday, I went in search of an Xbox 360. In vain. All Best Buys within 30 miles were out of the Holiday Pro Marvel/Forza bundle, with no replacements in sight. And when I saw that ugly-ass Halo 3 edition sitting next to tha Tripps at the same price point, my resolve wavered. I knew I wasn't going to get the Halo 3 edition, so my options were 1) wait, or 2) buckle.

So I buckled. And I have to say, I enjoy the PS3 more than I thought I would. It is a nice piece of kit. Now all I have to do is add more lines of resolution to my TV. I've been trying to mod my TV with a soldering iron and some 9-volts, but I might just get a flatscreen instead.

Just call me consumer fashion victim #3898.
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