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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #174 - Cleanout of the Lions


Featuring Final Fantasy Tactics and several.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

as a closure to this Final Fantasy season I decided to make another entry about Final Fantasy Tactics (1997).

First we have the song "Attack Team" which has a vaguely irish sounding military jingle:

which in comparable form exists in some pop music songs and several military ones:

Mama's Boys - Lettin' Go (1985):

Mary Black - Men of Worth (1984):

Then we have the Ovelia theme, a multi-sample song where at one point

something resembling the traditional jewish cradle song "Vigele Lidele" pops up:

Finally we have this sample from the St. Ajora leitmotif:

that appears in a very similar fashion in Final Fantasy V (1992) in the Exdeath theme:

And so the second Final Fantasy season comes to its end. I can already announce that there will be another one later in the year, but I still need some more research to make it feel "wholesome".

For the coming weeks, I have planned a potpurri of several Nintendo and Sega songs, also some Mario. We probably won't get bored. ;)

Phil out.

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