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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #173 - Warsongs of the Lions


Featuring Final Fantasy Tactics and mostly rock music.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

since I spend so much time with the main series, it's time to have a look at some of the spin offs of the franchise, this time on Final Fantasy Tactics (1997), the first entry in a series of real time strategy entries of the franchise and the first one to feature the Ivalice region which eventually found its way into the main series with Final Fantasy XII. Made by veterans from the Tactics Ogre series it combines the proven grid and turn-based gameplay with the Final Fantasy III / V job system. Features a nice soundtrack by Hitoshi Sakimoto which has received large acclaim in particular for its battle music.

From this soundtrack we first have the song "Remnants" that plays during the battles against Milluda and Wiegraf and several other high ranking enemies:

For this one I have currently two comparable melodies. The first one is from prog rock veteran Steve Hackett and his 1980 album "Defector" with the title "Slogans":

The second one is from Jerome Moross and the 1965 knights/adventure movie "The War Lord":

Then we have the song "Requiem" that plays during the ending sequence:

For the main part of the song, I can offer two samples at the moment. The first one is by Peter Cetera & Amy Grant with the title "Next Time I Fall In Love" (1986):

Then we have a song from 1993 by japanese rock band Zabadak with the title "アジアの花" (Flower of Asia):

Yeah, it just seems to be that kind of late eighties/early nineties soft rock thing.

Phil out.

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