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Gamestop, I work there v4

Heyo. For anyone who don't know, I provide random tips every now and then about Gamestop for you. Hurray!

-We "penny'd out" a bunch of strategy guides a week or too ago. I should have told you sooner but i forgot. This basically means we marked down a bunch of guides to a Penny. I'm pretty sure its a chain wide ordeal and included guides were Heavenly Sword, RE4 Wii edition, Hellgate London, crash of the titans, a Naruto game, and a few others I forget. Bad Reporting, oops.

The point is check your local store and ask if they have anything for a penny. The Heavenly Sword guide has some nice art in the back. I expect some of the holiday themed stuff to go out like that soon too. We have these nifty little gift card tins that look like miniature systems, and I'd bet they're next to go.

-PS2's are worth 40 bucks now (45 for the slim) which isnt too bad considering they used to be 30, then 20. Gamecubes are 15 but they only sell for 30 now which rules, and Xbox gets shafted at being worth 20 (resold for 60)

-If you ever need a quick fix of Xbox live gold but are poor then go to Gamestop and check around in the used games that are open. A lot of them have 48 hour passes in them. I even found one that had a free month. Score.

Ok see ya around the internets
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