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(Smash Master Core)


(Smash Bros)-(Master Core) This is a secret character that I made don’t think this would get any votes at all because they seem impossible but I made them as reasonable as I could most likely my last move set I make for myself. Now I always wanted to play as Master Hand and Crazy Hand there are now 4 new bosses I tried to mesh them but it didn’t work out so I separated them and it seems to have been better this way as well. They will have to be shrunken down to size drastically and they are much weaker in this form. Since they are part of the creators of Smash they have some cloned Attacks since they can transform into them as (Master Shadow) I probably only mention them again once. This is by default going to be a very strange character you need an imagination I don’t even know how they should be played myself or how they would even fit in this could be a very bad or over powered character and I wouldn’t know and I designed it. Skip ahead to "Special Moves" if you just want to see the move set and not hear why I designed them the way I did.

No colors or back view if anything the “Swarms” color will be changed.



<(The Masters)>

Before that I need to address my design. This is a very rough draft of how their supposed to look this is probably going to have to be the largest character in the game I had to try and fit them all in one image. (Beast) should be twice the size and tail twice as long. (Giant) is meshed on top basically like a Centaur he’s about the right size his arms should be down and not flexing though. All 5 of (Edges) should be floating above and no they aren’t actual blades and can separate from them with Special Moves. (Core) is inside (Giant’s) chest he is their heart and brain the power source and controls all of them I’m not sure how I did with his colors though but as they take damage his colors gets darker. They are all made of (Swarm) some type of black fire except (Core) probably the only time I will mention them but as damage is taken the more unstable they become also the glow around all of them becomes unstable and gets lighter and darker basically flickering.

Alright back on track. I’ll be starting from the top down they are all Masters so I won’t use “Master” every time I mention them which would of been a lot. I’ll basically be breaking down their roles.


(Edges) 5 Scimitar shaped blades should be floating above they have the most range and fastest attack speed of the 4 but weakest and (Giant) can wield them with certain attacks increasing their damage but they can separate on their own or combine into a larger more powerful but slower sword.


(Giant) Is the strongest of the 4 dealing high single hit damage he is their arms and the primary attacker he has (Core) in his chest. It can wield (Edges) to increase range and attack power he can only use 1 or 2 at a time if he dual wields. He does not have to hold (Edges) all the time like my photo his arms should be relaxed not flexing all the time I don’t recall him flexing at all.


(Beast) Is their legs he is the next strongest he uses defensive and movement Special Moves usually Up Specials since he’s their legs he can jump, run and his bite packs a punch.


(Core) Controls everyone inside (Giant’s) chest but he can absorb them briefly to avoid attacks. He’s basically their heart or puppeteer so he is basically attacking all the time by using them. As they take damage his color changes just like in the game.



<(Gameplay)> Attack is 130% Defense is 150% about the same speed as Charizard on the ground their a floaty air speed is about the same as Pac-Man as well as jump height.

Alright this character is most likely going to be the largest in the game and be a punching bag but if you hit anyone it’s going to hurt they have little to no combos at all they have a lot of setup and deceptive Special Moves. Their normal attacks are pretty unusual as well but they deal damage. This character shouldn’t be able to rush down but does have burst moves and decent range. I did my best to balance everyone out and make their move set like they are in the game but they may feel awkward to play I see a lot of holes and some special moves leave you wide open but their very heavy mistakes can be made. It’s kinda clear though that Beast got the majority of their moves since they are their legs.



<(Special Moves)> Personally I would use (Radiant Beam), (Background Chomp), (Giant Grasp) and (Creeping Spike).


(Neutral)-(Twilight Blast) (Beast) Opens his mouth and charges an orb of dark energy then launches forwards exploding on impact Medium/Strong charging increases speed and size as well does decent shield damage.


(Neutral 2)-(Radiant Beam) (Beast) Opens his mouth and releases a penetrating beam of Light does not cause flinching but does high damage overtime, pushes them back slightly but if shielded it cannot penetrate but deals high shield damage overtime.


(Neutral 3)-(Seeking Specter) (Edges) Creates smaller orbs that homing towards enemies charge to shoot as many as 4 and increase speed but their always Weak increasing speed lowers its ability to homing so it can’t gravitate to opponents as much uncharged though.


(Side)-(Giant Sweep) (Giant) swings his arms locking foes in place for the additional horizontal slash horizontally launching foes at a low diagonal angle and has a lot of shield knockback Strong stalls if used airborne but lower knockback Medium. It’s like a feint attack the actual attack is delayed can be a used as a shield breaker.


(Side 2)-(Background Chomp) (Beast) Charges to extend its neck to chomp opponents in front Medium/Strong deals high shield damage launches vertically and is quick but he’s exposed while charging. Should act like Greninja’s (Shadow Sneak) but you stay in place only his neck extends, neck and head are intangible body is not. Could be useful at ledge guarding or catching them off guard but this is a very risky move against opponents on stage and maybe difficult to connect with since there isn’t a shadow and neck only extends on activation so maybe based on charge you can click Special again to activate early just in case but keeps the same knockback that you charged it to.


(Side 3)-(Advancing Edges) (Edges) Separate and can slash up to 5 times while moving forward each time does not combo into each other, each slash launches and each slash is more powerful than the one before Medium/Strong. Since they separate this can be a strong ledge guarding move but get between Edges and the rest you’re vulnerable unless you wait long enough to use another action they move about half the length of a form stage.


(Up)-(Beast Pounce) (Beast) Jumps up high popping foes upwards Medium if you hit special again he does a belly slam to launch foes below Strong and shockwave is Medium. Distance increases attack power can spike at the start of the descent, no helpless falling thank you if you don’t do the belly slam.


(Up 2)-(Giant Grasp) (Giant) Stalls and after some startup time extends his arm in a direction grabbing the ledge or a surface pulling them towards it they have super armor for the duration while being pulled vulnerable while he is reaching. If you grab an opponent it will toss them behind Medium and use them for elevation if on the ground directly grabs and pulls foes towards you that you can pummel then throw but can be broken out of before they reach you if far enough away damage like always plays a role mashing wise. Giant’s arm is intangible can be used in any upwards direction cannot go downwards should have the longest grab in the game if you use this move should reach about 75% the distance of a form stage. If grabbing the side or underneath a stage you can jump upwards it’s basically a grappling hook but doesn’t lose height on the way to the targeted location it’s not a chain or rope it’s a stiff arm.


(Up 3)-(Rising Edge) (Edges) has each sword slash diagonally above while rising them upwards with the 5th launching as a finisher Medium can be angled diagonally but less vertical height. There are 5 of them so I expect 5 attacks that combo into each other.


(Down)-(Spike Guard) (Beast) Erects spikes around them briefly to knock foes away Strong manual Counterattack has super armor on startup if timed well can eat some damage stalls if used airborne.


(Down 2)-(Creeping Spike) (Beast) Buries spikes that travel forwards then pop up once an opponent is above launching vertically Strong can travel below the surface like Pikachu’s (Thunder Jolt) if not on a horizontal surface the launch angle changes to the angle it is in when it pops out. If used airborne (Beast) spits and it travels diagonally downwards while spinning and the spike can launch Medium if it hits the ground it stops for a bit then starts traveling like usual. You should probably be able to easily trigger this by just being above it like jumping over it, rolling, shielding or using a grounded projectile like Rob’s (Gyro). It won’t react to projectiles in the air though only grounded and players. This could be over powered because of its extremely unfavorable launch angle if not above stage and you hang onto ledge should be able to run a lap across a Battlefield stage can be reflected though.


(Down 3)-(Keen Edge) Edges combine into 1 larger sword which Giant holds overhead can be charged for up to 3 seconds before slamming them downwards in front as a shield breaker if it doesn’t hit shields it spikes downwards Medium/Powerful. If you catch a horizontal recovery this can easily spike or if they jump from ledge with an attack it’s almost a guarantee. I kinda ran out of down specials (Beast) was used to much and is basically a much more powerful Captain Falcon Up Tilt with better range the original attack spiked diagonally but that would be to cruel to me a standard spike has a chance of survival and that recovery angle if you do live is unforgiving. Swords version of a Haymaker would be called a Helm Splitter I assume?


(Final Smash)-(Finale) (Core) Creates a large area in the shape of a Smash Ball around them trapping foes inside if it misses it fails. If it connects foes trapped take continuous damage from the (Swarm) before everyone deals combo attacks before Core creates an explosion to launch everyone outside Devastating.


(Final Smash 2)-(Shadow Smashers) (Core) Spawns up to 20 shadows over the course of 10 seconds of randomized Characters in the game that chase and attack opponents they only have 20% HP but there’s a lot of them and should be able to survive an uncharged smash attack but can be launched pretty easily, do half damage and knockback. They spawn on their own dropping from the sky you can still move and attack like normal. Shadows cannot shield, dodge or grab but can do everything else I’m not sure what level AI they should be for this to be an effective move at the same time not be to overwhelming. The impact of this move varies since the clones made are randomized and they individually have a lifetime of 10 seconds.


(Final Smash 3)-(Explosive Core) (Core) Absorbs everything has strong gravitational pull continuously while releasing 5 individual shockwaves each gets stronger and has more range Weak/Medium. First 2 do 5%, 3rd and 4th deals 10% and the final blast deals 15% damage 35% total damage. Basically his only attack if you don’t defeat him in time and let him sit there but instead of one they come in waves and aren’t an instant K.O.



<(Ground Attacks)>


Dash Attack: (Beast) Lunges forward to do a headbutt Medium.


Held Dash Attack: (Beast) Slides forward on his stomach with his mouth open and on impact or if you click Attack again chomps to launch foes Strong. Acts kinda like a grab he can gather them in his mouth for the chomp but can be shielded.


Neutral: (Edges) uses a flurry of slashes in front before using an upwards slash as a finisher launching diagonally Medium.


Held Neutral: (Beast) Roars to launch nearby foes in front Strong.


Side: (Giant) Same as Donkey Kong’s Medium backhanded slap.


Held Side: (Giant) A straight jab can be angled Strong. Like Wario’s old side tilt in Smash 4.


Down: (Giant) uses (Edges) to slash the ground in front like Link’s same move Medium.


Held Down: (Beast) creates a single diagonal spike in front from the ground to launch Strong should be a surprise K.O move.


Up: All 5 of (Edges) Thrust upwards Medium.


Held Up: (Giant) does an uppercut in front launching vertically Strong.



<(Aerial Attacks)>


Neutral: (Beast) Does a back flip to hit with his tail basically the same as Ridley’s but slower and more powerful Medium.


Held Neutral: (Core) Releases a blast of energy from them to knock nearby foes back Strong.


Front: (Beast) Does a standard straight punch Medium this might be a bad move it isn’t angled slightly downwards they would need to be directly in front but I kinda ran out of moves unless I use (Edges) again. If it’s hitbox is anything like Lucas’ same attack it should be fine.


Held Front: (Giant) Does a downwards punch or “Haymaker” in front can spike Strong.


Back: (Beast) Swings his tail down and up behind Medium like a Yoshi or Mewtwo Back Aerial.


Held Back: (Giant) Swings (Edges) behind should look the same as Ike’s same move Strong.


Up: (Edges) Same as the grounded version Medium.


Held Up: (Edges) Combines into 1 large Rapier type sword and thrust upwards has a lot of vertical range but low horizontal Strong.


Down: (Edges) Swirls in a pointed circle to multi-hit before launching like Bowser jr’s same move basically a drill Medium.


Held Down: (Beast) Does a body slam downwards Medium/Strong based on distance at the start it spikes.



<(Smash Attacks)>


Front: (Beast) opens his mouth up really wide before lunging forwards slightly chomping in an instant but has slow startup but is Powerful/Devastating.


Up: (Giant) Dual wields 2 of (Edges) and crosses them should act the same as Greninja’s Strong/Powerful without the sweet spot Medium/Strong.


Down: (Giant) slams his head on the ground below making a shockwave launching diagonally at a low angle Medium/Strong foes hit directly by it which is rare they need to be extremely close or directly above but are stage spiked off the ground untechable.



<(Grasp and Throws)>


Grab: (Giant) Grabs them with 1 hand.


Pummel: (Giant) Squeezes them for 3% damage.


Front: (Giant) drops them into (Beast) mouth then chomps them Strong.


Back: (Giant) tosses them backwards Strong.


Down: (Giant) slams them on the ground and (Beast) stomps on them launching vertically Strong.


Up: (Giant) tosses them above and (Edges) does a cross slash above launching them upwards Strong.



<(Shield Pose and Dodges)>


Shield Pose: Takes a defensive position hard to describe (Beast) curls his tail around and ducks, (Giant) crosses his arms to guard and (Edges) create a circle around them crossing swords kind of like a fence.


All Dodges: (Core) Absorbs all of them and puts up a barrier to dodge in place, forwards or backwards before releasing them back onto the battleground.



<(The End)> This one was very tough to complete because it is a very far reach I don’t think anybody could even imagine playing as this character honestly. But upvote and leave a comment good or bad feedback is feedback and always thanks for taking the time to read!

- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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