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Intro to "The Life"


My first experience with video games, believe it or not, was the Atari. Yes, a stick and a button. Not my favorite toy as a child but it did spark my interest with gaming. Being only in my early twenties you may ask: how in the world does she know about THAT?!" The simple answer is: Grandparents. Spending time at grandma and grandpas house, you get curious about all the Nooks and Crannys within. You find mounds of treasure (or they'd see as junk) just waiting to be explored and used. Some time into that adventure, my dad also played a crucial role in my wake. You know how dads play single player games and just hand you an unplugged controller? That was my dad. But even just watching the adventure play out, whether it was me or someone else controlling the character,  it felt as if I were there too. Slaying the monsters, collecting rupees, saving the princess. Even as the ages went on, that love and passion for RPGs never went away, instead, only grew. 

Eventually, as I become more accustomed to blogging frequently, I'll introduce the consoles that formed my passion, the games that built my personality, and soon how gaming has influenced my current IRL RPG: mom/wife. STAY TUNED! 

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Passing the time and finding a hobby comes to me as one thing and I always find myself in the same spot; playing my video games while also being a Navy wife and mother. Some people read books to enter an alternate reality, video games is my escape from the realities of the world. From managing a family to working as a full-time nurse aide, it's difficult to find "me time." With that being said, here I am! Coming to share my love and experiences with all of you!