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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #171 - Il mio villaggio di anime perdute


Featuring Final Fantasy IX and traditional.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

yes, I'm still not that good in shape, nevertheless in order to let you know I'm still there I want to give you another Final Fantasy month release, albeit brief. It is about the song "Bran Bal, the Village Without Souls" from Final Fantasy IX (1999), the song that plays in the town where the Genomes live on the alternate planet Terra:

The current hypothesis is that has been inspired by traditional italian music. The source this assumption are two samples by japanese artists that remind me a lot of this in curvature and tone.

The first one is by Takashi Sato with the title 黒い瞳~アモーレ・ミオ~ (Amore Mio) from 1987 which features this sequence:

Then we have a song by a folk rock band - Folk Muk - 長崎 from their 1975 album 陰 And 陽:

The comments identify this song as consisting of pastoral guitar strummings which again points toward traditional origins.

I wonder if both songs a based on a famous traditional italian tune?

Phil out.

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