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(Smash Sandbag/Master and Crazy Hand)



This may sound like a joke character but it really isn't if you know Smash enough and a little imagination. Skip to (Special Moves) if you just want to see the moveset don't want to hear why I designed them the way I did since it might sound like rambling.


<(Sandbag/Master & Crazy Hand)> I'm not sure how to name this character honestly that's still a mouthful unlike a Rosalina & Luma or Mr. Game & Watch.


I first tried to fuse them with Master Core didn’t work out their were to many of them to fit all of their moves in at a balance was an impossibility plus they just didn’t seem to fit with them Beast, Giant and Edges were so large The Hands were just out of place with them. I tried to think of something else they could use as their body the biggest candidate was Sandbag by far. Now I can try and balance their moves out they weren’t introduced in the same game anyways so I think this worked out for the best. So what I came up with can’t have them just be 2 hands I will let them Reanimate/Possess a Sandbag with an eye for each Hands side. Blue Eye for Master stable creative energy and Red Eye for Crazy unstable destructive force.

Because it’s a Sandbag their main issue was they have no legs so will be at a disadvantage range wise using it for attacks “The Hands” use most the attacks but Sandbag isn’t helpless it can attack too with their help but it’s used to taking punishment it can tank a bit. It moves a lot like Piranha Plant cause it has no legs wobbles/hops across the stage when walking and dashing, it can crouch but not by much since it’s full of sand. There’s only so much a punching bag can do but it can still shine I’ll try my best to show you. I did slack on this design I didn't think I would need to try that hard for an item and 2 hands that's in the game already.




Attack 120%, Defense 130%, Speed about the same as Ike and jump height is the same as Bowser floaty character.


Master Hand's the right side the more stable balanced side while Crazy Hand is on the left side unstable attacks in weird angles with unpredictable effects/damage but is not randomized usually. Side you are facing for attacks determines which “Hand” is used. They can combine their powers to propel Sandbag in directions which will be their most powerful attacks and movement options since they are connected to Sandbag that is their only hit box if Sandbag receives damage they all do or gets K.O. The hands are intangible basically attack the body which is Sandbag. This is a light heavyweight doesn’t exactly have many combos you just want to poke damage since both Hands are intangible you have a lot of range win as many engagements as you can before going in for the K.O with Sandbag since he packs the most punch. His Special Moves really every move this one uses is just odd his kit doesn't make much sense you can play them multiple ways a lot of deceptive attacks.



<(Special Moves)> Personally I would go (Multi Finger Bullets), (Spike Ball Bowl), (Sandbagging), (Launch) and (Kamikaze).


(Neutral)-(Finger Bullets) The Hands form the shape of a gun can be charged to shoot 2 missile type projectiles Weak/Medium can penetrate through opponents. At full charge Crazy Hand misfires diagonally up if on the ground in the air diagonally down the angle is randomized.


(Neutral 2)-(Multi Finger Bullets) Fires one straight, 1 low diagonally and 1 high diagonally individually but cannot be charged covers a wide range though but vulnerable since your forced to shoot all 3 missiles Medium. In the air stalls and fires diagonally downwards instead.


(Neutral 3)-(Shovel Claw) A Hand becomes abit larger and digs into the ground before digging upwards releasing a shockwave across the ground can be charged for speed, range and size for up to 3 seconds but always Medium. If hit directly by the hand it has Strong knockback launching diagonally behind. In the air it pretty much stabs a hand diagonally spiking diagonally Strong.



(Side)-(Spike Ball Bowl) Rolls spiky Balls forwards they are very heavy and have high knockback but relatively slow Strong can fall diagonally off stage to ledge guard Penetrates opponents charge increases size. up to 3 can be on screen at a time.


(Side 2)-(Spike Ball Bounce) This version the balls bounce so it’s harder to avoid and a better ledge guarding move so they are a bit weaker, travel slower and less distance Medium.


(Side 3)-(Ring Toss) Charge to fling a ring that splits at full charge they boomerang back at an angle cannot be caught or affected by movement. These are Weak when thrown Medium on the boomerang effect also penetrates opponents.



(Down)-(Sandbagging) Sandbag lives up to its title and absorbs damage taken as health when hit within the time frame like a Counterattack but you take full force of the knockback from the attack still yes you will heal all of the damage taken but you can still be K.O other than losing stage position if used at high damage or you get baited and punished and it fails has high cool down. Yes you can still DI the attack taken does not work against grabs and has fixed knockback so if hit by a weak attack cannot be setup into a combo if you successfully absorb an attack why should you get punished for it. Minimum 10% damage is healed on success.


(Down 2)-(Snapper) Charges for up to 3 seconds a Hand snaps their fingers to paralyze nearby foes charge increases range around them and time paralyzed. Opponent damage also factors how long they are paralyzed, it can break shields and stun instead though but if you miss it’s an easy punish. Crazy Hand’s snaps make a random sound effect never a snap sound this could have been a Counterattack but I want to see how it works as a manual move plus (Sandbagging) exist. It's basically like Mewtwo's (Disable) but based on sound than looking at him.


(Down 3)-(Platform Dealer) The Hands create a platform below in front that can rise up when stepped on can only create one at a time and once off stage unless hit or grab ledge/land. In the air it’s created directly below so it rises immediately. When stood on it rises upwards faster the higher the damage % you or opponents have and can K.O off the top blast zone. Can be used as recovery offstage or as a trap onstage to force them into the air deals no damage though nor can be damaged only last up to 5 seconds and only one can be active you cannot fall through this platform. This move has some cheese to it if you can pull off a grab on this platform you can potentially up throw and get a K.O off the top.



(Up)-(Launch) The Hands legit toss Sandbag in an upwards direction in front knocking foes away damage taken increases Launch distance and speed does not hurt you though since it’s a launch can tech off of surfaces, be DI and can also K.O yourself angles should be similar to Rosalina's (Launch Star). This can be charged to lessen or strengthen the launch distance which also increases knockback on collision with opponents Medium/Powerful. This is a very reckless move it will feel strange to use since you need to keep an eye on your damage taken if you don't approach ledge to fast you can grab it.


(Up 2)-(Snap Teleport) Snaps their fingers and they teleport in a direction has great range the reappearance has knockback Medium.


(Up 3)-(Anti Gravity) The Hands grab Sandbag by the head levitating them upwards for a short amount of time can use a poke attack in front or behind with the bottom of Sandbag while being levitated. Holding Special keeps going upwards if you tap you can kinda glide and use it offensively or for more horizontal distance.


(Final Smash)-(The Duo) Sandbag rips apart teleporting everyone (Including teammates) to Final Destination I’m assuming that is the only realm they can manifest their true power I sounded so nerdy right there heh... Master Hand attacks with A, Crazy Hand attacks with B if you use a direction it changes the type of attack they perform. You can move both hands in any direction to line up attacks but will always face the stage. This is only active for 20 seconds they can both individually attack at the same time attacks become faster the longer this is active but taking damage reduces duration which also allows them to attack faster earlier. At the end they perform a random Combo Attack which activates automatically their most powerful move as a finisher. This Final Smash is very difficult to use and avoid it will take a lot of practice they have 8 attacks and a short time limit to execute them not sure if there’s enough time to even perform all 8 before the duration runs out. This is not reliable if inexperienced and since it’s their Boss mode attacks pretty strict in movements if someone is really good at avoiding them in Classic Mode not much you can do about it but you can mix it up since it's not a forced boss pattern. Each move can only be used once.

Neutral: Master Hand uses (Finger Bullets) fires 3 shots comboing into eachother with horizontal knockback Weak while Crazy Hand uses (Spasm) flopping around on the ground knocking foes away Medium.

Side: Master Hand uses (Big Swipe) across the screen Strong while Crazy Hand uses (Spider Walk) to crawl across the screen knocking foes repeatedly in the path back before flicking them to launch Medium.

Up: Master Hand uses (Jetstream) going into the background before approaching the screen ramming into a opponent in a Plane shape Powerful but slow while Crazy Hand uses (Finger Drill) to descend onto opponents spiking and burying to deal damage before launching them Medium. Both lock onto a random target can’t control these moves.

Down: Master Hand uses (Laser Nails) trapping foes underneath for a decent amount of damage does not launch though. Crazy Hand uses (Squeeze) on a single opponent to do damage overtime can be broken out of by mashing but at high damage (100%) this can instantly K.O if their is an opponent at 100% it immediately targets them.


(Final Smash 2)-(Raining Lasers) Multiple Lasers fall from above in a random pattern launching foes diagonally they fall through the stage should be portals on the ground to avoid attacks watch the ground but it is randomized so there may not be many dead zones they do half shield damage and if the pattern is unfortunate for opponents it could K.O you off the top.


(Final Smash 3)-(Kamikaze) Payback for all the beating it took throughout the series all the inner rage Sandbag has it uses to self destruct the Hands creates a Vortex to suck opponents in launching all nearby foes should have the range of a Smart Bomb item Strong you are not harmed from this move Sandbag will absorb the attack that’s what it does.



<(Ground Attacks)>



Neutral: Crazy uses an uppercut to combo into Master’s straight jab Medium.


Held Neutral: Hands make palms outwards to knock foes away on both sides Medium.


Side: A Hand does a straight Jab can be angled Medium.


Held Side: A Hand does a Haymaker downwards punch Strong hitting the ground and has a shockwave Weak.


Dash: Propels Sandbag forwards to do a headbutt Medium.


Held Dash: Propels Sandbag to do a drop kick Strong.


Up: The Hand behind does a hook uppercut from behind can combo into itself Weak.


Held Up: The Hand in front does an Uppercut launching vertically Strong.


Down: A Hand Pokes diagonally downwards Medium like Wario's.


Held Down: A Hand Flicks his finger to “Kick” opponents Strong horizontal knockback.



<(Aerial Attacks)>



Neutral: Sandbag does a 360 back flip kick Medium like Rosalina's Smash 4 Neutral Aerial I miss that move.


Held Neutral: Sandbag does a horizontal 360 flip to kick in front then behind Medium should work like Samus’ same move.


Front: Sandbag Lunges himself in front with the bottom to knock foes back Strong.


Held Front: Sandbag does a downwards head butt in front to spike Strong deceptive move.


Back: Sandbag does a front flip to kick foes behind him upwards Medium and ends with a Spike in front Strong another feint type attack.


Held Back: Sandbag kicks behind should look the same as Mario’s Strong.


Down: Sandbag stomps foes below Strong.


Held Down: Sandbag plummets downwards with a spike at the start Strong/Medium penetrates through foes shockwave on landing Weak.


Up: Sandbag basically bends backwards like Wii fit Trainer’s same move can combo into itself Weak.


Held Up: Sandbag Lunges his top upwards to launch vertically Strong.



<(Smash Attacks)>


Side: Master or Crazy Hand launch a fist forward can be angled has range which Hand depends on which side you use the attack Strong/Powerful. Cannot be reflected reflectors disable/block the attack.


Down: The Hands lift Sandbag up before slamming on the ground to create a shockwave has vertical knockback like Ridley’s Strong/Powerful.


Up: Sandbag does an unusual movement to head butt like Mario’s Strong/Powerful.



<(Throws and Grabs)>


Grasp: Both Hands try and grab in front.


Pummel: Squeezes the foe for 3% damage.


Down: Randomly performs (Laser Nails) or (Finger Bomb) deals high damage should have identical animation time, damage and launch angle Medium.


Front: Reels back tossing them forwards Medium.


Back: Tosses them backwards Strong.


Up: Tosses them vertically Medium.



<(Shield Pose and Dodges)>


Shield Pose: Sandbag closes it’s eyes while the Hands form a shield around it by making a palm outwards.


Spot: Sandbag Wobbles backwards then forwards.


Side: Sandbag Spins around an area in the direction dodged.


Air: Sandbag Spins at an angle to dodge attacks.



<(End)> Comment and upvote so this gets seen as always thanks for taking the time to read! I'm not sure how well I did on this one, it's a strange one I'm definitely taking feedback.

- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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