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Band of Bloggers March 2021 Theme


After a brief hiatus in February, Band of Bloggers is back and well rested. 

There are a lot of things that can keep someone coming back to a game. Some games have excellent multiplayer, others have fun moment to moment gameplay that can draw players in, while others rely on a compelling narrative to keep players invested over the length of the game. The story of a game can be an incredible hook when done right. If a player can become invested in the characters of a game and really care about what is happening to them, they'll keep coming back to the game to find out what happens next. When there is an overarching mystery to solve in a game, it can be the most fun part to slowly uncover that mystery and learn the truth.

The theme for Band of Bloggers in March is "Mystery."

Most stories have some type of mystery to them, even if that mystery is just: "What is going to happen to this character?" Other stories revolve around a central mystery that the character, and in the turn the player, have to figure out. Some games are so focused on the mystery that other gameplay elements become afterthoughts to the story. Some games have the simplest of gameplay that are just there to facilitate trying to understand the mystery.

What kind of mystery are you into? Do you like solving murder cases? Perhaps you want to uncover a villian's plot and put a stop to it. Maybe you like exploring a new place uncovering the secrets it hides beneath the surface. Whatever the mystery, put on your detective hats and play a game with a mystery to solve in March. Once you've uncovered the secret, sit down and tell us about it here in the blogs. Write a blog with "BoB" or "Band of Bloggers" in the title and let us know about the mystery you solved.

If you need suggestions for good mysteries, here are a few I'm fond of:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The Phoenix Wright series is filled to the brim with mystery, mostly of the murder variety. As Phoenix Wright (or a few other possible characters depending on the game) you'll solve mysteries in the courtroom to clear your client's name and uncover the true murderer. 

Zero Escape

The Zero Escape games play out a little like the Saw movies. You and eight other people are kidnapped and taken to some sort of facility and you have to escape with your lives. You need to figure out who kidnapped you, escape a series of puzzle rooms, piece together what has happened to all of you and why you were chosen for this nonary game.

Nier: Automata

In preparation for the prequel coming out next month, Nier Automata is a great game with an interesting mystery that plays out throughout it's narrative. At least for me, every time I thought I had figured out what was going on, something new would happen and I'd have to reevaluate my theories. A lot of bizarre stuff happens in the game, and you might find yourself constantly asking, "What is going on?"

Little Busters

A personal recommendation from me, as I just finished this game recently. It might seem strange to see what appears to be a dating sim on the surface on a list of mysterious games, but as you continue to play through Little Busters, you'll soon realizing that everything is not as it seems. Could there be something more behind this group of friends playing Baseball? You'll have to find out.

Do you know of any great mysteries in video games? Let us know more suggestions in the comments, or tell us what mystery you plan on playing through this month.

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