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(Smash Shantae/Risky Boots Blueprints)


Ohaider I know it's been awhile lifes been rough lately I've had 3 characters done on the shelf for a long time now I need to get them out into the world like yesterday this is one of them. If any of you just want to see the moveset, not hear my thoughts and why I designed them the way I did just skip to (Special Moves) cause I do get the complaint of rambling on. I didn't need to make a new design for them their current ones are fine their not like outdated by 20 years or anything like my first few


<(Shantae/Risky Boots)> This character’s been getting pushed a lot lately and I’m not sure why this franchise isn't that big and died for a long time until recently (8 years before being revived with a sequel). Am I against it? Obviously not if I’m making a move set for them do I think they should get in? Probably not but seeing how their not an assist trophy or anything Nintendo is probably thinking about it you can have them as your profile photo for smash tags that’s it. Honestly the only reason I would want this one in is because we will have an actual legit Black character in Smash, Steve and Ganondorf do not count to me. This franchise is very cringe I feel bad for playing these games a lot it’s so blatant you should know why but the game play itself is either ridiculously easy or pretty challenging. For example I could 3 heart Pirates Curse on my first play through but Half Genie is much tougher while Risky's Revenge is a good mix of both difficulty wise.

I don't know how to feel about this franchise they have the potential to be better than Assist Trophies maybe their friends but not these two. Games are fun to play but I feel bad when I do since it's so cringe like I don't want anybody to know I played them type feeling like I'm watching you know what... Speaking of that this character might have the most nudity in the game plus every female seems to have nonstop bouncing boobs in their games of characters that do wear clothes currently in Smash Zero Suit Samus has 2 bikini's and Shulk is basically just wearing underwear on some of their alternate colors so I guess their fine but still it's a family game.





I am basing the moveset off Pirates Curse and Half-Genie Hero. They both have used the same tools basically so why not combine them? Shantae has Light Magic while Risky uses Dark. They both were pirates once so I don’t see why Shantae can’t do the same their sides of the same coin to me and I’m not about clones cause that’s what will happen if you separate them and I just don't see Villains as evil if you understand why they did what they did. I just want a simple character for this one not a bunch of transformations with complex play styles because of them and how would that even work a lot of transformations are based on surfaces but smash walls, ceiling and floors are blast zones your only surface is the stage and it’s platforms Genie moves will not work here. Mr. Game & Watch is the closest you would come to it being honest.

I don’t think Shantae has enough moves alone but combining Risky I barely had enough to finish them. Like every DLC character has been complex or awkward to use can we get a simple one for once? Also to combine them Risky cannot transform so it wouldn’t work unless you made another Pokemon Trainer type character 3 in 1 is unfair to me pretty sure they were trying to avoid that which is why Samus, Zelda/Sheik and Trainer were separated in Smash 4, Trainer is the only one like that now in Ultimate for now. I don't think you can make alternates for friends or anything just costumes/colors and their dark sides. So I added them into their Final Smash (Allies) and I guess they could be in their victory screen. Shantae's taunts can transform I guess.


<(Gameplay)> Attack is 80% Defense is 90% I noticed in all their games jump height has always been an issue and they move pretty slow so about the same as Bayonetta. I don’t see this as a combo character a lot of their kit seems to be a lot of poking moves and keeping a good amount of distance cause of their range Special Moves give them better mobility though. I’m not going to distinguish Shantae’s “Hair” or Risky’s “Scimitar” often I’m either going to call it a Stab, Thrust or Slash same with Magic or Pistol moves Shantae’s is Light Risky’s is Dark any magic projectile will be a bullet or missile for Risky. They also never throw any punches from what I’ve seen they don’t use their arms much at all the animations will be a tough call since its hair vs a sword a stab with hair doesn’t have to be with a sword it can be a slash but hit box must be identical. I honestly don’t know how this character will be played most effectively at all to me they’re a spacer with like a spear/whip type attacks to keep foes away would be interesting to see. I guess you can call this a sword fighter since almost all moves have reach and are intangible I don't believe they have any cheese moves but do have strong throws.


<(Special Moves)> Personally I would go (Pistol), (Flamethrower), (Pirate Hat), (Pike Ball) and (Allies) good balance for them both aswell.



(Neutral)-(Triple Shot) Shoots 3 fire balls or bullets in a straight and diagonal angle charging this move focuses the shot in a more direct path in front full charge creates one large projectile penetrates opponents no matter the charge Weak/Medium.


(Neutral 2)-(Pistol) Shoots bullets at high speed that push foes back slightly but doesn’t cause flinching they should do 2% damage per shot. Can be mashed or held to fire repeatedly.


(Neutral 3)-(Power Shot) Shoots a ball of magic or a large Bomb out of the pistol instead has decent startup and cool down it explodes on impact multi-hitting before launching Strong.



(Side)-(Charge) Leads with a Scimitar and charges forwards to launch foes in their path damage and power increases based on distance Medium/Powerful can be jumped out of for horizontal movement has a decent amount of startup though.


(Side 2)-(Flamethrower) Uses Magic to release multi-hitting flames forwards that continuously knock foes back and when released launches Medium. Closer they are when you activate this move the more damage they will take if used airborne it does levitate you in place like in the game but can only be held for about 5 seconds has considerable cooldown.


(Side 3)-(Heavy Kick) Charges a powerful side kick that is a shield breaker can be charged for up to 3 seconds Medium/Powerful.



(Down)-(Bubble) Uses magic to create a barrier around you for 5 seconds that blocks projectiles, halves damage taken and distance launched but can only be maintained for that amount of time and has a 10 second cool down to be fair. I never held this move in the game I kinda flashed it on and off since it drains magic rather fast.


(Down 2)-(Mirror) Same as (Bubble) but reflects projectiles than reducing damage and last 3 seconds instead of 5.


(Down 3)-(Pike Ball) Creates 3 spiky balls that surround you for up to 5 seconds knocking foes away Medium. Acts like a stronger Mega-Man’s (Leaf Shield) but cannot be thrown forwards you can only move jump and shield but cannot attack while it’s active unless you flinch which disables it, grab ledge or hit Special again to cancel early. Also this is not considered a Projectile cannot be reflected.



(Up)-(Cannon Jump) Fires a cannonball below that explodes on impact launches foes cannot spike at a high vertical angle Medium and elevates you upwards.


(Up 2)-(Pirate Hat) A gust of wind after opening your hat doesn’t have much vertical range but high horizontal movement the hat can be closed and opened up to 3 times for a slight height boost but slows you down horizontally.


(Up 3)-(Grapple) Uses Hair or a Hookshot in an upwards direction to grab ledges, the stage or opponents and elevates you upwards tosses opponents behind rather than spiking Medium. If on the ground can grab foes from the air should work kinda like Joker’s or Byleth's now since their in the game but can also be angled horizontally on the ground for increased grab range but slower.



(Final Smash)-(Allies) Uses a Genie Lamp to suck in all opponents nearby somewhere to be damaged in some way before launching when they return to the stage. Risky has her crew take aim and fire a cannon barrage while Shantae has her friends use a combo attack on enemies before releasing them back on stage launching Powerful. Miss it fails.


(Final Smash 2)-(Smithereens) Does a crescent slash in front locks a single opponent in place and does combination hair I guess could transform into Monkey and do abunch of attacks in place then finish with an Elephant stomp or scimitar attacks before finishing with a heavy blow to launch Devastating. Miss it fails.


(Final Smash 3)-(Obliterate) Full screen final smash leaps offstage aims at a spot to shoot blast of light magic or cannon balls up to 5 times multi-hitting before launching Strong knockback should work the same as Zero Suit Samus’ but they are shot automatically each second.



<(Ground Attacks)>


Dash: Stops and slashes basically the same as Marth’s Strong.


Held Dash: A long ranged slide attack launches vertically Medium.


Neutral: Does a 3 hit combo to launch Medium.


Held Neutral: Does a spin attack slash to hit on both sides in front then behind Strong.


Side: Stabs to poke knocking foes back can be angled Medium and has decent range their standard attack.


Held Side: Slashes horizontally to launch Strong can be angled.


Down: A shorter ranged stab to poke foes back horizontally Weak.


Held Down: Slides feet first to pop foes up as a combo starter.


Up: Slashes in front above and slightly behind can combo into itself Weak.


Held Up: Stabs straight upwards like a Marth Up Smash but has increased range tip does the most damage Strong.



<(Aerial Attacks)>


Neutral: Does a 360 front flip forwards slashing enemies knocking them away Medium.


Held Neutral: Spins twice slashing horizontally knocking foes away Strong.


Side: Thrust forwards to poke Medium.


Held Side: Does a crescent slash downwards Strong.


Back: Horizontal slash behind Medium.


Held Back: Kicks backwards Strong.


Down: Uses a cannon to shoot a gunpowder blast below and stalls them spikes Strong basically the same as R.O.B’s.


Held Down: Plummets downwards with the Scimitar spikes at the start launches diagonally the rest of the way Strong/Medium.


Up: Does a crescent slash above can combo Weak.


Held Up: Thrust upwards has decent range Medium but very low horizontal range.



<(Smash Attacks)>



Side: Reels back to charge then stabs in front Strong/Powerful has a decent amount of cool down but has a lot of range can be angled.


Down: Does a sweep attack diagonally below hits in front then behind Medium/Strong.


Up: Does a crescent slash from behind above and slightly in front should look like Ridley’s Strong/Powerful.



<(Grasp and Throws)>


Grasp: Both long ranged Shantae whips her hair to tangle a single opponent while Risky uses her Grapple to tangle an opponent can't grab ledges.


Pummel: Knees them in the stomach 2% damage. It was pretty difficult to make one since Shantae doesn’t have her hair to use since it’s used in her grasp and I have to match with Risky and I’ve never seen them actually punch someone before but it’s like they don’t have arms they never use them at all other than using a pistol or magic.


Front: Reels them back before launching them infront Strong.


Back: Yanks them backwards tossing them behind Strong.


Down: Elevates them before slamming them bouncing off the ground combo starter Weak.


Up: Tosses them vertically Medium.



<(Shield Pose and Dodges)>


Shield Pose: Uses Magic to create a sphere that blocks incoming attacks.


Spot: Just a simple step back into the background like on a pivot foot or something in the air probably mimic Mario’s.


Front Spins into the background then into the foreground forwards.


Back: Same move but backwards or you can just use Back Dash.


<(The End)> Thoughts in comments like always Upvote to get this seen on front page, Thanks for taking the time to read! I truly appreciate it spread the word for me

- Black Mage for Smash! https://smashboards.com/threads/black-mage-for-smash.506369/#post-24080523

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