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WOW 14 Day Trial (PC): Days 6 + 7

Since Milkshakeman the Priest has been in the Goldshire area for far too long, I decided to explore Westfall. On the way to Westfall, I stopped at the massive metropolis of Stormwind.

Wow, what a clusterfuck of a city. Tons of people moving all around and a large map just for the city itself. I appreciate the scale, but the city itself is a bit chaotic, much like a real-life metropolis.

A bit let down from Stormwind, I wandered over to Westfall and didn't enjoy its barren look, which was as visually interesting as a bedpan. The mechanical scarecrows and vultures whipped the crap out of my Priest, so I thought venturing down to Duskwood would be a good idea. BIG mistake-- Duskwood was full of dangerous killer Black Widow Spiders.

After a long trek, and several more examples of being killed, I wandered on back to Goldshire and leveled up the Priest to Level 10. He actually has a few decent spells that make him suck that much less in combat.

For Day 7, I hung out with my girlfriend at a local Portland bar called The Horse Brass. It featured many European beers and had french fries the size of half a baked potato. It was pretty amazing.
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