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Alanar's strangely selected Games of the Year 2007 - There is something better than this?!


Today I'll reveal my number 3 game of the year 2007. Some of you would give this title a higher spot on your list. But I have to admit that it is really close to be number 2 or even number 1. This and the following three games are almost equal when it comes to awesomeness. Since there can be only one number 1, I had to choose. This game didn't make it. Spot number 3 belongs to...

Super Mario Galaxy

Wait, this game is not the number 1 game of this year? Well, at least in my list, it takes the third spot. But that doesnít mean that the game is bad. Heck, itís the best Wii game up to now. For one it is much more diversified than Super Mario Sunshine with its beach/vacation themed levels. The level design of Galaxy is awesome with all the little planets and stars you can walk on. And since each star of a level takes you to a different part of the very same level, it never gets old to visit them again. And for a Wii game, Super Mario Galaxy is a damn beautiful game. The graphics are really impressive. If just other developers could bring up so much effort when it comes to graphics on the WiiÖ
Okay, itís got some water levels which I personally canít stand and it is a bit easy if you ask me but this shouldnít hold you from buying it. If you already have a Wii: Get this game. And if you donít, think about getting one just for this game. ;)

Tomorrow we get to Game of the Year number 2. This may be a game from 2006 for American gamers but its European release was in 2007, so it deserves a spot on my list.


Other personal favourites of this year:
Number 5: Rayman Raving Rabbids 2
Number 4: Assassin's Creed
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