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Alanar's not very interesting Games of the Year 2007 - Hey, I really like this game!


Even though I might know what kind of comment you may leave, I'm still going to post my complete list. Especially this game might not be on your list but it is one of my favourite games of this year so it deserves a spot on my list. My number 4 Game of the Year 2007 is...

Assassin's Creed

No, Iím not paid by Ubisoft. And I do know that the game is not flawless. But damn, the rooftop running alone is worth the money. It feels so natural and it looks fantastic as Altair climbs walls and towers to get a better view of his environment. Yeah, the tasks given to you are a bit repetitive. But all the research you do will pay off when you get to the actual assassination. It is kind of a satisfying feeling when you kill your target without being noticed by anyone. Okay, after that you do get noticed but this leads to another fantastic aspect of the game: Escaping from the guards. Running around on the roofs is easy until you have a whole battalion of guards after you. The story was, in my opinion, awesome. Itís full of twists and ethic questions and thus very thrilling. I really enjoyed Assassinís Creed. Give this game a chance. You should at least try the rooftop running.

Check back tomorrow for the next game on my list.


Other personal favourites of this year:
Number 5: Rayman Raving Rabbids 2
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