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console resolution

Since Jehovah told me I suck I thought I post something of semi intelligence. Since boring working is mother fucking boring.

You know how every year you try to make a New year's resolution. For example it might be stop watching fat chicks with Midget porn. Quit peeing on bums and setting them on fire for your personal enjoyment. Stop flashing those soccer moms at starbucks while you drink your mocha Ice tea.

Whatever your resolution might be for 2008 forget it those things don't work. So continue peeing on your favorite bum while you walk to work.

Any way what would your resolution be if you were a console.


Pray a third party can make a game without the words Mini or party attached to it.


Replace Obscene words on XBL. * Instead of saying die in hell you fucking Douchebag Cuntaosaur * It will now say * Geez, Man that was a fine game of Call of duty 4


Talk to me in 2012 when I am cheap

P.S Have a happy New year guys... I'll be working for the Man
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I am really diggin the 360 alot more... So I might have to do some nude modeling for art students to get one...

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