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Post-Christmas Bloat...of Gaming!!

See, this is what happens when you take 2 wks off from work...you forget to blog ANYTHING for that entire period! OMGWTFBBQ!

Anyway...Christmas and Santa were VERY nice this year. Ended up getting Super Mario Galaxy (OMG!), Mass Effect (WTF!), and after returning a crap gift and trading in Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty 4 (BBQ!). On top of all that, I got the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive and 9 HD-DVD's, including Heroes Season 1!

On the gaming side, SMG is easily the best platform game in existence. Period. It takes all the good from Mario 64, removes the crap from Sunshine and refines the Mario genre to an art form. Sure, there are some areas that are just complete shit, like the desert galaxy. That one sucked donkey ass. But for the most part, I will not complain. I can't get enough...its like Wii Crack (tm).

Haven't gotten to play much Mass Effect, as the wife got Dancing w/ the Stars on the Wii and she won't stop playing it (yes...you can pray for me and her...she needs it). What little I have played, I really like. This morning, however, Mr. Shephard decided to go running in one direction and not stop, even though I was pushing another direction. It only happened the one time, so I chalk it up to my dog being a git.

COD4...um...wow? Smokes Halo 3 hands down. I can't compare it to the Orange Box, so I won't. I do need a new TV to really enjoy it, though, as my 32 inch HD 4:3 tube just ain't cutting it anymore. This coming summer...its gonna be a 56" LED DLP for me!!

I can't get enough time to play through them all, so at this point, I'm not buying ANYTHING else until I beat some of the other games I still have yet to complete...Bioshock, I'm looking at you!

Thank you Santa!!!
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