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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #160 - Polkamon


Featuring Pokemon Red/Blue and Carl Michael Ziehrer.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

I'm not really up to shape yet, but due to the long pause I just feel I have to make another release now even if it is not that large.

Originally, I planned to make another Mario entry but there's still some music I want to hear before. So instead, I present you something from Pokemon: The song "Route 1" from the original red/blue games from 1996 composed by Junichi Masuda:

I suspect that the theme is rooted in polka/marching music due to two samples I found from works by Carl Michael Ziehrer, a well known Viennese composer from the K.u.K era which have strong rhythmic similarity:

Carl Michael Ziehrer - Faschings-Beilage,  op. 392 (1900):

Guttenberg, Marsch op. 137 (1887):

I hope I can continue Final Fantasy season on sunday.

Phil out.

Update 17.01.2021: Ok, this might be the winner: Oh, dem Golden Slippers, a well known american folk song, original version from 1879. It beats the Guttenberg March by several years:

Shame on me, this was actually in a film I watched Little Lord Fauntleroy (1962).

18/01/2021: Another update: POLLY WOLLY DOODLE from 1880 which is a little bit closer and also believed to have been written much earlier:

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