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WOW 14 Day Trial (PC): Days 4 + 5

Venturing into the sparse logging camps east of Goldshire, I sent Milkshakeman the Priest to grind a bit to gain some experience. After an hour or two, he went up from Level 6 to Level 9.

Some of the quest flaws are starting to creep in again. After a series of quests involving an expedition to the Fargodeep Mine, another set of quests popped up involving more kobold infestations in yet another mine. Really clever, Blizzard, really clever.

There are also some grammar mistakes in the NPC dialogue, which is a bit surprising, although WOW has so much text that this sort of thing might be expected.

The forest area is getting a bit stale, so I should trek over to Stormwind to see what exciting (or not so exciting) quests lie there.

Day 5 was filled with no WOW gaming, as I had a nice evening with the girlfriend, cooking a pasta dish, drinking some red wine, and watching a few episodes of Undeclared.

WOW is addictively boring in a very special way. Definitely makes me want to try other MMO free trials to blog about. Anyone thinks that this is a good idea? Should I brave Star Wars Galaxies or LOTRO next? ;)
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