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Alanar's not that important Game of the Year awards 2007 - Number 5


The year is almost over, time to look back at all the games I played and enjoyed. You may disagree with my list (read: you definetly will disagree) but that's okay. Also, some of the games I mention (okay, one to be exactly) may be stuff of 2006 for American readers. But I live in Europe, these games were released here in 2007, so it's okay.
I'll start this with my number 5 game of the year, tomorrow it'll be my number 4 game, the day after tomorrow spot number 3 and so on. On December 31th the list will end with my personal game of the year 2007. With that being said, let's begin. And spot number 5 is taken by...

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

Be honest: It was very obvious that this game would take a spot on my list. But it deserves this place. Compared to the first game, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 features a better multi player mode which allows four players to be part of the action in any minigame (except for the FPS games). Also you don't have to play through the game alone before you can select all minigames in multiplayer. I also enjoyed the option to customize my Rabbid by dressing it with different pieces of clothing. But on the other hand the game seems to be a bit shorter since there is no story whatsoever to connect the minigames. And the FPS style Rabbid hunt parts are a bit strange. The controls seem to be sloppy, in my opinion. Nevertheless, the game is just fun to play if you have some friends around. The single player experience itself is not worth the cash, the game was designed for multiplayer and multiplayer only. And one last advice for Ubisoft: If you're going to make Raving Rabbids 3, please get Rayman out of the title. He doesn't deserve to be the... well... "main character" of minigame compilations. And maybe the next title with the Rabbids could be something else than a collection of minigames. A Point and Click adventure game, for example.

Come back tomorrow to see which game beat the Raving Rabbids. And I know that you probably disagree with the next game. Maybe that's why it's on my list. ;)
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