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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #159 - Forever Julia

Featuring Final Fantasy VI and lots of classic music.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

due to some new samples popping up in another area I decided to move something else in front: The main portion of "Forever Rachel" from Final Fantasy VI (1994), the antheme of the lost love interest of pary member Locke (Fun fact: His own theme sounds like an abbreviation of Forever Rachel):

The first genre where you often hear samples comparable to the Forever Rachel sample is marching music. Some examples:

"Auf in den Kampf" by Hermann Dostal (1914): Note: I have to post this as link because apparently the uploader doesn't like embeds):


Or in the Gigantic March by Julius Fucik (before 1916):

Or the "Slow March" (Встречный Марш) by Dmitrij Illarionovič Percev (some time during WW2 I guess) (Warning: The pacing is off):

Or Christian Bach - Wedding March (?):

"Carillon" (Canadian March, ? ):

In classic romantic music, we have this piece by Eduard Strauss called "Hypothesen Waltz" from 1871:

In opera we have this repeating sample from Charles Gounods opera "Romeo & Julia" (1867):

There is also this one from "Goodbye, Rose", a traditional song:

It is possible that the sequence goes back on structures that can be traced back at least until the Rennaissance age which would fit since the FFVI soundtrack is full of puns toward this era:

Guillaume Dufay: Bon jour, bon mois (15th century) Note: The relevant part is in the first 5 seconds but the pacing is weird.

Musica Reservata ‎– 16th-Century French Dance Music (Full 1972 Album)

And thus we finish the Final Fantasy series for the year. It will continue in two weeks after my vacation.

Phil out.

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