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Hong MacRory


On the sixth floor of Nulmara International Hotel, Officer Amelin rapped on the door of suite 609. Luke swung the door open. "You're back," he smiled. "And somehow Olivia has managed to keep all of her clothes on this time. Good girl!"


"Well, she did spend a good part of the day in the buff," said Officer Letov. "But eventually convinced her to put her clothes back on."

Olivia scowled resentfully at the insinuation that Officer Letov was making. As if she had she actually wanted to spend the day naked. All three men knew very well that Olivia found the experience of being nude in front of multiple men to be extremely degrading.

"So gentlemen, how did my young charge do today?" Luke inquired.

"This morning Judge Thorsky assigned her to test out marital aids," Officer Amelin told the American Professor.

"'Marital aids?'" Luke seemed confused.

"Sex toys, Professor," Officer Amelin clarified.

The look on Luke's face changed from one of puzzlement to one of amusement. "You spent the day trying out sex toys," he laughed, looking over at the cringing red faced girl. "That's hardly a punishment. Why on earth would Judge Thorsky have you perform that as your community service?"

"The government of Vulmonia wants to increase its population in the future," explained Officer Letov. "In order for that to happen, we need more married couples to have sex and make babies. The government of Vulmonia figured that marital aids might get more married couples interested in having sex more often. Adult toys might help married couples make their sex lives more exciting."

"Well, speaking as a married man myself, I can certainly tell you that married sex certainly does become rather routine after a few years. My wife is so unadventurous, frankly sex with her has become downright boring. I think it's great that the Vulmonian government is taking steps to make married sex more enjoyable. And if that involves sex toys, well then, so be it!" Luke propounded.

"The doctors and scientists who conducted the test trial seemed satisfied with the reactions that they observed from Miss Williams' body," said Officer Amelin.

"Did they know that she was not allowed to orgasm," Luke seriously queried.

"Oh yes," Officer Letov nodded solemnly. "The entire staff at the observation lab knew that Miss Williams was not authorized to climax," the younger policeman assured the burly American. "There was a medical technologist present. He closely monitored Miss WIlliams' body and her sexual responses. Whenever she came too close to approaching an orgasm, the sexual stimulation was stopped before she could cum."

"Good," Luke said giving a quick nod of approval.

"But that didn't stop the little slut from begging for orgasms," Officer Amelin chimed in. The two policemen began laughing.

Luke's eyebrows shot up in surprise as he looked over at the grimacing blushing teenager. "Olivia, is that true? Did you ask for orgasms during the test trial?"

The mortified young woman stared down at the floor, unwilling to answer.

"'ASK for orgasms?'" Officer Amelin scoffed. "She cried and pleaded and demanded to be allowed to cum. She begged to cum so many times, I lost count! We basically just spent the entire day listening to her moaning and whining about her wet twat and needing to cum. She couldn't get enough pussy play, the dirty girl. I'd imagine that when she's alone, she probably can't pull her fingers away from her clit." Once again the two officers guffawed at Olivia and her supposed out of control libido.

Luke's expression darkened as he stared at Olivia. She stood with her shoulders hunched. The color started to drain out of her face. It began to dawn on her that, unlike the two policemen, Luke did not find the situation amusing. As Luke's anger became more apparent, Olivia's face went from an embarrassed crimson to a frightened pale white.

"Olivia, you know very well that you are not allowed to orgasm until I give my permission. You are under my custody and I have full authority over you and your body. And yet, while you were performing your community service, you spent the entire day asking others around you to bring you to climax." His voice was not particularly loud. He did not shout or yell. His tone was low, but it sent chills up Olivia's spine.

"Sir, I'm sorry. But it wasn't my fault. They were using vibrators on me. I just got so worked up, I couldn't help it," Olivia tried desperately to explain.

"Do you have such a poor self-control, that a few cheap sex toys cause you to break all of the rules? MY rules!" he interrogated her.

"But Sir, you don't understand! You weren't there. You didn't see what they did you me," she rebutted.

"Are you arguing with me?" he asked with a mix of shock and anger.

"No Sir, of course not. But I need you to understand ..."

"Understand what?" Luke demanded.

Olivia breathed in deeply as she felt her entire being fill with frustration and rage. She was sick and tired of everyone accusing her of being a slut. She was sick and tired of everyone saying that she had an overactive libido. She was sick and tired of everyone assuming that she had no self-restraint. And she was sick and tired of being bullied and blackmailed and being forced into humiliating scenarios.

As Olivia let out a long exhale, she pulled her shoulders back and straightened her spine. She did not care that she was wearing a sheer top with no bra. She did not care that the three middle aged med could see her nipples.

She widened her stance somewhat, jutted her jaw out and stood at her full height. "Sir, nobody could have withstood the teasing and the torture that they put me through and still maintained self-control. No one could have endured what I endured without asking to cum!" she declared. "Sir, if you had experienced what I experienced today, you would have been begging for an orgasm, too. Anyone would have!" She put her hands on her hips. She defiantly looked him square in the eye.

The American professor and the two police officers were all taken aback somewhat as their eyes widened in surprise.

"Is that so?" asked Luke after a moment of silence.

"Yes Sir. That IS so," Olivia shot back.

"Gentlemen," Luke said addressing the two policemen. "You were present during Olivia's community service today. What do you think? Is she telling the truth? Was the sexual stimulation so strong that it would have made anyone beg for an orgasm?"

"Well, lucky for you, Professor, you don't need our eye witness accounts," said Officer Amelin. "Judge Thorsky had one of the marital aids sent over to his chambers. He then asked us it give it to you. I believe it is called The Biting Bullet. It's a clitoral stimulator ... with a little something extra," the bearded policeman grinned.

Suddenly Olivia got a sinking feeling. Her heart beat a little faster and her throat felt tight.

"Really?" Luke asked with keen interest.

"Here, why don't you take a look." Officer Letov handed the device over to the broad shouldered western man.

Luke eagerly accepted the toy. However, as he studied the object in his grasp, his expression changed from excitement to disappointment. "It's just a regular vibrator," he shrugged.

"Why don't you try it out," Officer Amelin suggested, looking right at Olivia with a cruel smile.

Olivia's eyes were round with fear. Her stomach flip-flopped. "No Sir, please. Not THAT sex toy!"

"Olivia," Luke scolded, "I need to determine whether or not you're being honest. You told me that the adult toys they used on you were so powerful, you couldn't help yourself. You just HAD to ask for an orgasm. We have one of the toys right here. I need to see for myself just how powerful this 'marital aid' really is. Now, be a good girl and take off your clothes."

"But Sir ..."

"Olivia!" Luke reprimanded her, "Clothes off now!"

"All of them? Can't I just lift up my skirt?" she tried to negotiate, but knowing it was probably pointless.

Luke did not respond with words. His eyebrows lowered and his gaze narrowed. His jaw clenched as he ground his teeth in anger. As he glared at the disobedient girl, as he emitted a low quiet growl.

Olivia's breath caught in her throat as she looked with fright at her "guardian." Her heart pounded in her chest. With trembling hands, she pulled off her see-through tanktop and laid it of the coffee table. She then slid the flimsy miniskirt off of her voluptuous hips and placed it next to her shirt.

"Sit down and spread your legs," Luke instructed coldly. "Pull your knees up and back so that your feet are resting on the couch."

Inwardly groaning, Olivia complied with the demeaning command. She placed her body into the undignified position that Luke wanted her in.

"I've used one of these on an ex-girlfriend before," he said looking down at the toy. "It's not exactly an original design." He pressed the first button on the battery pack and the little bullet began buzzing. "Pretty much what I expected." Luke sounded less than impressed as he turned it off.

He crouched down in front of Olivia, looking at her slit. Because he had ordered her to open her thighs, her nether lips had naturally spread apart. He placed a finger at the entrance of her moist sheath and slowly began to insert it. It smoothly glided right in. "You're quite wet down here," he remarked. Olivia winced at Luke's mortifying observation.

"Back at the courthouse, Judge Thorsky wanted to test out the marital aid himself. He got her all warmed up for you," Officer Letov said.

"Hm, he sure did," Luke noted as he added another finger. As he slipped two fingers into Olivia's womanly passage, they made an embarrassing squelching sound.

Olivia closed her eyes and attempted to keep her breath steady.


"Now let's see if this little toy is really as strong as you claim it is." Luke turned the bullet vibrator back on and it once again began humming. He very gently pressed it against the shaft of Olivia's clitoris.

"Ah!" Olivia quietly gasped. "Mmm ..."

"I can see that you're enjoying it. But as far as vibrators go, it's really nothing out of the ordinary. It's certainly no reason that you should have been trying to break my rules," he admonished her as he slid the vibrating bullet up and down her clitoral shaft.

"Oh!" Olivia moaned as he very lightly touched the buzzing little device to the head of her clit. "Oh my god!"

"When stimulating the head of the clitoris, it's very important not to apply too much pressure," he lectured pulling the vibrator away for a moment. Olivia opened her eyes and looked up at the older man with a languid gaze. "The head of the clit is so sensitive, stimulation needs to be very light," he told her as he brought the humming object back to her clit, barely touching it.

"Oh jesus!" Olivia blurted out. "Oh god!" She squeezed her eyes tightly shut as she arched her back. Her large heavy breasts were enticingly thrust out.

The two policemen, standing just behind Luke, began laughing. They watched over his shoulder, as he masturbated the helpless American teen.

Luke watched the look of ecstasy on Olivia's face. He knew he needed to stop stimulating her soon, lest she climax. But it seemed that she had reached some sort of a plateau for the moment. He decided to press his luck and continue with the vibrator.

"Now, I'd imagine that if I put this on the next setting, the vibrations will get stronger," he theorized. And that is what happened, of course, when he pushed the second button.

"Oh Sir, it's too strong!" Olivia cried. "Sir, please stop!"

However, Luke pressed the vibrator more firmly into Olivia's clitoris. As the buzzing bullet assaulted Olivia's most sensitive organ, she squirmed around on the couch. She placed her hands on Luke's shoulders and tried urgently to push him away, but it was futile. Luke watched in amusement as Olivia's naked luscious body wriggled and writhed.

"See, when stimulating the clitoris, gentle is always better," Luke smugly expounded. "And look, there's even a third setting." He shook his head with mild disapproval as he looked down at the battery pack. "That really seems unnecessary. I mean, look at you thrashing around. You can't even handle it when this thing is set to level two. Why on earth did they make a level three? If the vibrations get any stronger, your clit is just going to go numb."

"Professor, why don't you see what level three actually does," recommended Officer Amelin. "I think you'll be pleasantly surprised," the older policeman winked.

"Oh?" Luke said looking up and back at the two law enforcement officers.

"There's a reason it's called 'The Biting Bullet,'" Officer Letov hinted.

"No Sir, please!" Olivia implored. "Please, I'm begging you, don't put in on the third setting. Sir, PLEASE!" Olivia's eyes began to well up with tears.

"Olivia, you silly girl, what are you getting so upset about? It's just a sex toy. How bad could it possibly be?" Luke said patronizingly as his thumb hovered threateningly over the third button.

"Sir, the third setting is painful. It's electrical sho... AAAAAAH!" Olivia began wailing as stinging jolts zapped her poor little pearl. "NOOOOOOO!" she pleaded.

Luke's mouth dropped open in surprise as he pulled the bullet off of Olivia's crotch. He intently studied the benign looking little device between his right thumb and forefinger. He tentatively touched the vibrator with the tip of his left index finger. He then quickly pulled it away as he experienced a quick sharp shock.

"Oh my goodness," he chuckled. "Now there's something I haven't seen before. A sex toy that also shocks you."

"Dr. Sokolov and Mr. Uday, the inventors of The Biting Bullet, promised that the electrical shocks are safe and harmless," Officer Letov informed Luke.

"Yes, I can see that," Luke said thoughtfully as he once again quickly tapped the vibrator with his left forefinger, experiencing the mild but painful electrical current. He turned the device off.

He then looked up an the panting unclothed girl in front of him. Her ample bosom heaved up and down with her breath. Olivia inhaled and let out a sigh of relief, thankful that the torturous toy was no longer touching her womanhood. Luke gazed at her big jugs moving up and down, with their perky rosy nipples. Then he got an idea as a grin began to spread across his face.

He brought the bullet to Olivia's left nipple. Olivia immediately recoiled in fear. But with her back pressed up against the couch, there was nowhere for her to go. Luke pushed the first button on the battery pack and light vibrations began tickling the tip of Olivia's nipple. She closed her eyes and quietly moaned. Her nipple became stiff and pointed. The skin of her areola scrunched. He brought the vibrator to her right nipple. Olivia leaned her head back and she thrust her chest out even more, much to the delight of the leering men.

Luke pressed the second button. As the the intensity of the vibrations increased, he circled the tip of the vibrator around her right areola. "Mmm ..." Olivia amorously purred. "That feels good ... oooooh ..." she murmured without thinking.

"I bet it does," Luke replied in amusement as the two policemen behind him laughed. Olivia blushed. But then she momentarily forgot her ignominy as Luke brought the vibrator to her left areola. He circled the perimeter, occasionally making fleeting contact with the tip of her nipple.

She shuddered with desire at the vibrations reverberated all throughout her body. Her clit, which moments ago had been in agonizing pain, once again began to fill with blood as Olivia's arousal began to overtake her. "Mmm ... oooh..." she gasped.

"The little hussy has no shame," Officer Letov commented.

"There's a girl who only thinks with what's between her thighs," Officer Amelin reproached.

"Yes," Luke agreed, "She is a bad girl. And we all know what happens to bad girls, don't we?"

Suddenly Olivia's eyes flew open. Her heart palpitated as she realized what Luke was about to do. "Please Sir, No! Please don't ..."

"They get punished!" he declared. Before she knew it, Luke was zapping her left nipple with The Biting Bullet.

"AH!" she cried. "Please stop!"

Luke sadistically simpered as he brought the toy to her right nipple and gave her puffy pink tit-topper a few shocks. He watched with glee as her body and face contorted.

"Oh my god, Sir! Stop. OH!" she squealed. "Please Sir! Please stop!"

"Alright," Luke conceded. He reluctantly pulled the vibrator away from her nipple.

"Oh thank god!" Olivia sighed. However, before turning the device off, Luke decided to zap her clitoris one more time, just for good measure. "OW!" she shrieked. The three men jovially laughed as Luke switched off The Biting Bullet and placed it down on the coffee table next to Olivia's clothes.

As Luke stood up, Olivia began to close her legs. However, Luke put up his hand, gesturing for her to stop. "I never said that you could move. Stay in position," he rebuked her. Olivia grudgingly reopened her legs, lewdly exposing her cunt and clit to the three older. She lowered her eyes, finding it unbearable to look any of them in the face.

"Well, that was quite something," Luke said, looking down at the the naked nubile nymph. "But I really don't see how something like 'The Biting Bullet' would cause you to beg for an orgasm."

"But Sir ..."

"Hush!" Luke curtly cut her off. "The first setting was obviously very pleasurable for you. But it was nothing outstanding. It certainly wasn't powerful enough to warrant you losing control of yourself," he said. "The second setting was obviously stronger. But you yourself said that it was too strong. I'd imagine that was more painful than pleasurable. If anything, that should have been a turn off for you."

"Please, Sir. You don't understand. When Dr. Miloza used The Biting Bullet on me, he ..."

"Quiet!" Luke barked at her. He glared down at her, scaring her into silence. "And then there's the third setting, which emits a painful electric shock. There's no way that would get you aroused. If it's hurting you, it certainly wouldn't bring you to the brink of orgasm," he reasoned. "No, I'm afraid that you have no excuse. You did not ask for orgasms today because the scientists overwhelmed you with sexual stimulation. You asked those men to make you cum because you are a disobedient little slut. You have no respect for the rules that I've put in place and you need to be punished," Luke concluded, his voice dripping with ire. "Stand up!" he demanded.

Dismayed, Olivia stoop up from the couch on unsteady legs. She clutched her hands and forearms over her chest in a defensive posture. Luke sat down on the couch where Olivia had just been seated. He reached up, grabbed her left upper arm and harshly pulled her down so that she was laying on her stomach across his lap.

"You are an extremely naughty girl," Luke scolded her as her ran his hand all over the surface of her buttocks. The stroking of her sensitive flesh made Olivia shiver. "The court system of Vulmonia has placed you under MY custody. And I fully expect you to follow MY rules." He wedged his fingers between her soft thighs and pried her legs apart. He cupped her vulva in his large hand. "You need to start thinking with your head and stop thinking with ... THIS," he reproved her as he squeezed her feminine flesh between his thick strong fingers.

"Ow!" Olivia whimpered.

He ran his fingers over and between her slippery folds. "I can feel how wet you are. All you think about is sex. It seems like you're aroused all the time," he castigated her. He thrust a finger into her moist orifice, pulled it out and circled her clitoris. Olivia's feet began kicking in the air. She writhed across his lap as he massaged her little love button. "You're such a randy little trollop. How do you get so turned on in a situation like this? With no clothes on, just shamelessly flaunting your body in front of three older men."





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