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WOW 14 Day Trial (PC): Day 3

3 days into World of Warcraft and I already have a third character set up, and one I'm going to stick with: a Human Priest named Milkshakeman in the Uther server.

Why so many changes? Because I found the intro quests for the Trolls and Night Elves to be tedious. The intro quests for the Humans are a bit more interesting-- they have a loose ongoing plot about trying to maintain human settlements in the wilderness, with some internal human politicking mixed in.

After a few hours of play, I got my Priest up to Level 6. I have done some small quests with some random people I've met online and it's been fun-- being a support class makes solo-play very difficult and forces one to rely on teams to succeed.

Playing WOW makes me wonder if Blizzard will ever release a single-player RPG with a scaled down version of the engine or make a decent editor to allow fans to make similar styles of RPGs...
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