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2020 Media Moments: Music


I listened to a lot of music in 2020. I’ll do my best to narrow it down. I certainly made some cuts. For instance, I listened to so little metal in 2020 that almost none of it made the list.

After Hours” by The Weeknd

I really dig this sound.  After Hours is an 80s inspired, very depressing, but very compelling and catchy album that feels like something The Weeknd’s been working towards for a while.  If you like any of Weeknd’s songs at all, this is a great place to jump into a full album.  There’s something addictive about that voice.  And with those futuristic beats?  Get outta here!  Popcorn R&B at it’s finest.


"Good News" by Megan Thee Stallion

This was a late-in-the-year surprise that I couldn’t stop listening to.  It may be the funnest album I’ve heard since Dirty Computer.  Megan is having a blast on this thing.  Good News is a punchy rap album about such wholesome things as: dissing the guy who shot her, demanding money for sex, having a hot body, wanting a guy with some money and long dick.  In other words, “Real hot-girl shit”.  It’s so brazen, confident, and skilled that I can’t help but get onboard.


Women in Music Pt. III” by HAIM

This was just a consistent, easy-listening rock album that’s great for driving.  Haim’s always had this cool, breezy sound.  They just sound great.  Sometimes being consistently good at a certain level is enough to make my list.  It’s the kind of album you can listen to multiple times while you’re just getting stuff done.


Abyss” by Unleash the Archers

On Abyss, Unleash the Archers finishes the story they started in 2016’s Apex.  The Immortal Warrior wakes up in the far future and takes the fight to The Matriarch for a final reckoning.  This time there’s flying in space and stuff.  As one fan put it, it’s like Apex with lasers.  Aptly put.  If you like Apex, this is like that but with lasers.  If you don’t know what Apex is, go listen to that. It’s very cool.


Obligatory Charli XCX Video: Enemy

This was also my favorite Charli song in 2020.  Somehow, she released a quarantine album in May that’s even better than her last one.  Good productivity.  Remember, this is about tradition, and also Charli doing hot-girl shit on the highway.

And If you're wondering, her new album "How I'm Feeling Now" is great overall.  For instance, I like how on "c2.0" she makes a song about missing her clique, using samples from last year's song where she brags about her clique.


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