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Hope you all had a Merry Ninjamas!


Most of you probably don't know what Ninjamas is and I am here to tell you all about it. On the night before Christmas all the good little ninjas go out and sneak into everyones house and steals one present. This year I got a blender, a pink sweater with Chad's face on it, and another puppy for my dog army.

What actually happened on my awesome Christmas was I woke up around 9 and I forgot it was Christmas until I got my first present. I got Contra 4 (which is so awesome) Lost season 3, Heros season 1, Sam and Max season 1, Uncharted, and Zak and Wiki. I am surprised that my parents knew what to buy. I got Unreal 3 from my girlfriend which makes her more awesome. After I opened all my presents my whole family comes over. I have about 15 aunts and uncles and then their kids came and then their kids had kids. The men went downstairs and watch the b-ball games (the Heat game stunk but the Sun's game rocked). Then around 9 pm we watched Kingdom, which is a good movie.

So that was my Christmas in Kansas, just wanted to share.
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