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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #155 - A Dance of the Roses


Featuring Final Fantasy IX and british/irish folk music.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

another sunday, another Final Fantasy season day. This time featuring one of the poster songs of Final Fantasy IX (2000), "Rose of May" by Nobuo Uematsu. It is also known as the theme of notoriously invincible boss Beatrix (at least until she bothers to join you ;) ):

As several people have noticed, the song is likely based on a jig, a british/irish folk dance in 6/8 time from at least the 17th century. Let me give you some examples of what I mean:

Dribbles of Brandy ( before 1788):

Lilliburlero (17th century):

Funnyly, I don't know a jig yet that has the same tone and curvature as Roses of May. Nevertheless, I found several songs in early 20th century pop culture that might be based on irish jigs and whose curvature comes closer to the folk songs from above:

There is a song from 1915, originally called "Nola" by Felix Arndt that sounds like a happy folksy remix of Roses of May (I use the 1950 version by Les Paul because it's easier to hear):

Then we have Lionel Monckton with the titular song to the musical "The Quaker Girl" from 1910:

And some good stuff from not so early 20th century pop:

Mike Oldfield - The Song of the Sun (1996):

John Renbourn - The Orphan (1973):

At the finish, a song from 1920 called "Oh! by Jingo" by Frank Crumit from 1920 which might include something resembling the later part of the song starting at 0:45 although this might very well be from rennaissance music:

Next week, in the wake of christmas, I'll be shooting at something people might consider insolent.

Phil out.

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