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Macca's Christmas 2007

So for some of you, you are barely into it, for others it's all over for another year. I'm one of the later, so thought I'd share what gifts I got with all of you kind people, because I know you really care (right...).

So, that's what I recieved this year.

1. Call Of Duty 4, 360
2. Daft Punk - Alive 2007 - (Best present evar by the way)
3. Some book from my uncle. Will get a look in over the summer break.
4. Couple of Magazines, read them all by now.
5. Ipod Touch. Love it, so awesome.
6. 3000 Xbox Live Points, wewt.
7. And Cash Money, so that I can waste it on shit, like candy :D

So, hope everyone has a great day today, have fun, enjoy the company of friends and family, and don't not eat too much, it's just not christmas otherwise.
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