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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #151 - Nonsense with Magic


Featuring Final Fantasy 6 and mostly early 20th century pop.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

today we feature an entry that I can offer surprisingly complete samples for despite being relatively diverse: The song "The Magic House" from Final Fantasy VI (1994). It is the music that plays in the haunted mansion of Owzer as well as in Jidoor in the World of Ruin:

It is a song that consists of four destinctive sections as far as I can tell. We'll have a look at them one by one:

For the sample at the beginning, a hot candidate is the jazz song "When My Baby Smiles At Me" (1920) by Ted Lewis. It was his signature tune, and spent 18 weeks on the charts (seven weeks at No. 1 spot) although there seems to be a slight reversal of the scales:

Next is the second part at 0:18. Here I can offer a recurring sample from the song "On the Road to Niaxos" by swedish Prog Rock band "Taste of Blues" (1969):

This is probably based on a traditional song so it might be updated eventually.

A silver medalist for this section is, among others, the song "Song of the Mother" by Peggy Hayama (1954) (Note: Unfortunately, I cannot find the original recording from her):

The next part at 0:24 is probably the one most people know best. 

The earliest incarnation of a comparable jingle I know of comes as part of the french chanson "Je cherche après Titine" by Léo Daniderff (1917):

Of course, the version of the song most people know best is the one known as "Nonsense Song" from Charlie Chaplins film "Modern Times" (1936):

For the last part starting at 0:39 the next best thing I can offer at the moment is a sample from the composition "Le bœuf sur le toit" by Darius Milhaus from 1920. The piece was primarily influenced by jazz and brazilian music. Coincidentally, it was also going to be the soundtrack of a Charlie Chaplin film.

Phew, this doesn't leave much of Owzer's House, does it?

Phil out.

Update 08/07/2021:

Ok, I've started to reexamine the samples under the premise that all or most of them might have been inspired by work from Johann Sebastian Bach. Starting with the Chaplin-like sample:

Bach J.S. Cantata BWV 10

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