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I Got A New Friend! (Week 1)

Meet Petey! (Named after Petey Pirahna, our lovely Colette helped me name him!)

A friend of mine got me this Venus Flytrap for Christmas, gave it to me a little early.
But it's soooo Cool! I have no idea why she got me a Venus Flytrap, completely random but it is pretty awesome. However I am kind of scared of it but it's my responsibility now so I need to learn to love and care for him.

Has anyone had a Venus Flytrap before and know how to care for it? I've been looking around online for tips and stuff but you can never completely trust the internet. I need your help community! Yes! YOU! ::points finger::

Anyway, I hope he doesn't go dormant during this winter season, I'm going to try to keep it kinda warm and give it plenty of sunlight or fluorescent light.

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