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WOW 14 Day Trial (PC): Day 1

World of Warcraft had been beckoning my call for quite some time now. I had been a fan of the franchise since the first game in the series, Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. When I heard a MMO set in the Warcraft universe was going to be released, I was excited to take a dip into the MMO waters, but my ancient desktop was too slow.

Now many years have passed and I arrive at the shores of Azeroth with a new laptop. Hearing the sweet siren call of the one called Shatner, I leap upon my mighty steed to enter a trial of the World of Warcraft.

I ventured into this land first as a Troll Shaman and proceeded to kill many boars with a tedious spell-casting system. Completing that quest resulted in another one-kill scorpions. Oh, the variety! The dwarves would envy my every step now with this endless bounty of mind-numbing questing.

After slaying some scorpions, another Quest appeared, this one more of the metro sexual variety-- collect ten apples so he could make a dandy apple drink. Collecting items, slaying enemies, sluggish walking… Is there any wonder this game is so popular?
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