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GameTap (PC): Impressions

Seeing as I just got a new PC laptop, I have been messing around with a service I have wanted to try out, but couldn't on my ancient desktop PC: GameTap.

GameTap is an on-demand online service for retro and current PC, console and arcade games. A free membership allows gamers to play whatever 50 games are categorized as free for the month (surprisingly enough, it's not a motley crew), while a gold membership (costing $10/month or ~ $60/year) allows access to all 900+ titles available.

The front-end interface is fairly slick, though I there are some minor issues getting it to work with Windows Vista. There are some refresh issues with the main interface, but they can be fixed by resizing the window to minimize and maximize a few times. Setting the front-end to full-screen mode looks like total rusty robot ass.

Certain titles are multiplayer and there is an embedded chat client, which is a nice touch. Not all titles work on all machines either, but this is noted under the tech specs for each individual game.

Playing retro PC games on a modern PC is always a pain in the ass-- you typically either have to use DOS Box or use some fan-made patch to play a title under a certain compatibility mode. GameTap eases the pain somewhat and manages to be a pretty fun little service.

After talking to LostCrichton about it for a bit, I am going to be started a feature next week titled Freeloader Fridays featuring a review or two of games currently available for free on GameTap. I am considering doing them as video reviews and YouTubing them with video captured via CamStudio (though I am having issues capturing game audio with this program).

Any thoughts on GameTap or on capturing PC gaming footage on a PC?

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