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I love Luna (and other holiday gifts!)

It had been a while since I had caught up to the influx of mail that is still being sent to my parent's house. I just moved up to San Francisco (yes, I'm a big girl now) and am too lazy to change my address, yet upon returning home for the holidays not only do I find a fatty doctors bill (no thanks to you, crappy health insurance), but to make up for it I get a letter from the one and only man I would let RapeTrapô me evar, Chad Concelmo.

Eagerly slitting the envelope open to take a gander at why Chad would resort to such an archaic form of correspondence to get my attention, it all became dauntingly clear as soon as I pulled out the following:

Best. Holiday. Card. Evar. I have more than just that one heart-piece for you Chad. The lovely Luna making the Chad-face in front of a Christmas tree? What better holiday salutation exists? The card greeting not only included Chad's signature emoticon, " :) ", but also let me know that Luna wanted me to have an 'AMAZING' holiday. It's official, snail mail letters are back in and are totally made of win.

In addition, I have to brag about this controller shirt that I bought myself the other day. It's hip, nerdy, and the only game-related shirt I've ever purchased. The Genesis controller is right near my kidney and as a result makes my kidney very happy. A little pricey ... but I think well worth the buy.

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