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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities - Outtakes #18


Featuring several Rare songs and mostly synth pop.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

as promised here is the final cleanup of David Wise month with some outtakes for games we didn't have a look at yet.

First we have a song with vague resemblance to the turbo tunnel music in Battletoads/Battlemaniacs:

White Sister - Fashion by Passion (1976):

For the Battletoads Stage End Jingle:

I can offer this section from Fixx - Sense The Adventure (1986):

Then we have The Amazing Spider Man for Gameboy from 1990, more specifically the song that plays during the cutscenes between the levels:

Which might be based on a common 80s dancefloor beat like this F.C.F. - BLACK MOTHER (FIRE VERSION) (℗1989):

Now that David Wise month is over the question arises what comes next. Basically it's 5 weeks until christmas, so it makes to start christmas season now for which I saved up some special treats. This includes:

- Another Final Fantasy month starting next sunday.

- Some more Mario games.

- Some significant songs from other important 8 bit games back in the day.

So if you cannot attend festivals due to Covid you can still make yourself comfortable at home with another nostalgic ride.

Phil out.

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