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2007 Stupid Post Award

I was doing some minor research on Google for a possible way to rock on Guitar Hero 3 with the new guitar (if any way) since that's the only way TWBMike (or Murmaduke to some) can play. He hates the older guitars. That's when I just happened to click on an argument about Guitar Hero 3 vs. Rock Band. Regardless of what the point was, I just randomly read a stupid comment. Here is goes:

"BY BLUECELL AT 11/15/07 12:36 PM

I think guitar hero gets harder just for the sake of getting harder and throws accuracy out the window.
I love the game regardless.

Another thing I noticed in this video is that the Rock Band drummer looks so much better than GH3's animatronic piece of shit. I think graphics wise, Rock Band is going to win hands down."

Wait, so when was Guitar Hero accurate? Retard. I never knew I could push buttons on a real guitar. Nerdcore forever, right?

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