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Mods of social channels can be ridiculous sometimes


I've been an active member of the Stadia Discord for quite a while now. I like to think that I was a good participant in the discussion in general and a positive voice. Today I was muted on the server for questioning the mods for what I believe was hypocrisy on their part. We started discussing politics amongst ourselves. We weren't arguing and no one was being mean about it. The mods decided they didn't want politics discussed at all. I pointed out that two of the mods have very prominent pro voting statements in their nicknames and one even tells people to vote blue in their status. To me, it seems fairly hypocritical for the mods to be very loud with their political agendas and expect no one to discuss politics at all, even in a friendly manner. What galls me even further is that the conversation would have died out naturally quite awhile before I was muted, but some of us weren't happy that the mods were being so heavy handed about it. I was particularly unhappy due to the perceived hypocrisy. Feel free to tell me your thoughts below. I'm curious what you all think. Have you been a victim of mod abuse in the past? Am I wrong to feel slighted by this action? I have since left the community. I have no use for it if the leaders of the community wish to behave like this.

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