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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #141 - Still Sentimental


Featuring Resident Evil and 70s Disco/J-Pop.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

after such a long time, I just had to make another Resident Evil entry, this time for the first entry of the franchise (1996) whose soundtrack was composed by Makoto Tomozawa, Koichi Hiroki, and Masami Ueda. Our specific interest today lies on the ending theme, "Still Dawn", composed by Makoto Tomozawa (Note: The original japanese version apparently used a different theme called "Yume de owarasenai" by J-pop band Fumitaka Fuchigami):

I found several songs, some from 70s/80s disco, some from j-pop, that give me a vibe that feels pretty similar to the main portion of Still Dawn:

Theo Vaness - Sentimentally It's You (1979):

竹内まりや マンハッタン・キス / Mariya Takeuchi - Manhattan Kiss (1992):

Yuki Saito - LETTER (1991) (somewhat):

Some partial examples:

Elvis Costello - I'm your Toy (1981) (note: This was supposedly covered from a song by the Flying Burrito Brothers):

Psychic TV - White Nights (1983):

Sunday more David Wise!

Phil out.

Update 28/10/2020:

Found a predecessor / ancestor to the samples from the song above: I Camaleonti - Eternità (1970), a well-known italian pop song from the 1970s:

Update 25/04/2021:

Ami Ozaki - 冬のポスター (1976)


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