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Next gen games and Stadia were made for each other.


Many are looking into buying new systems to play the latest games on. One of my friends is considering buying new parts to upgrade his aging beast of a PC. Another is looking at buying a PS5. I, for one, am glad that I'm done looking for hardware to play new games on. I'm glad that I can play the games that I want to play with little to no investment on my part. I'm a minimalist. I don't like having multiple systems. I also don't like constantly having to spend money to upgrade the parts in systems or buy new ones every so often. I also happen to have access to fast internet. I'm probably the ideal customer for the new streaming systems like Stadia.

Before I gave Stadia a try I was considering having to replace the gaming laptop I was gifted a while back for a chance to play Baldur's Gate 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. Both might have been okay on the specs of the aging PC, but it definitely wouldn't have been good and that would have negatively affected my experience playing them, unfortunately. This situation would have only spiraled downward as requirements increased if I had refused to do something about it and may have eventually locked me out of playing new games entirely. Instead, I sold that laptop to someone looking for a modest second system for local multiplayer. I've been reading articles lately about suggestions of games to play instead of the latest offerings if you can't or won't buy new hardware, but I argue that more people should give streaming services a chance (definitely still play the other games they're suggesting because some are great and deserve a chance as well though).

Before I tried Stadia I was a huge detractor of the service. I thought it would flop. I didn't think they'd ever get any decent games, but they've gotten the two big ones I cared about and they're getting many of the games I will care about in the future. As the service matures the library will continue to grow. It's only been a year now. I don't play games as often as some. It is one of a few primary hobbies of mine. I don't need many games to occupy the time in my life that I have allotted toward playing games. I already have enough to keep that time occupied and it will only get better and more diverse with options over time.

The fact that I don't set aside time to game as often as some is another reason why Stadia is perfect for someone like me. Having the ability to play on my phone while I'm riding the train or in a waiting room is brilliant. When I'm home I play on a larger, less portable screen during the normal time I game. This flexibility gives me more time to game during times I normally might just be wasting time (I realize this is also a great argument for owning a Switch, but there are various reasons I prefer Stadia). The lack of game updates and loading times are also a huge sell for someone who doesn't or can't spend much time gaming as well. It's amazing to just pair my controller with a screen, click a game, and be playing almost instantly; _every_ time.

If you don't want to buy new hardware to play the latest games or are frustrated by updates and load times, maybe give Stadia a try?

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