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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #140 - Ravenssword


Featuring Wizards & Warriors 2 - Iron Sword and Ska punk.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

David Wise month continues unhampered and we are still with Wizards & Warriors, this time the second part of the NES trilogy, Iron Sword (1989). Our focus lies on the song "Summit of Icefire Mountain" which is unabashedly cheerful for a final boss theme:

I shall be honest: When I first heard the sequence I though it to sound pretty caribbean. But it also sounded very rock like, so I concentrated on the rock genres that adopt caribbean influences, one of which was Ska punk. So far I found the following songs that remind me of the Iron Sword sequence:

First we have the song "Purple Carpet" by japanese punk rock band "Color" from 1988:

Then we have the song "Raven" by english new/wave pub rock band The Stranglers from 1979. Listen closely, the relevant part is the bassline:

Will Kuros ever return from the future? 


well he'll obviously because of Chapter X but it kind of dampens our hopes of getting rid of Malkil in the intermediate sequels.

Phil out.

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