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NiGHTS : Journey of Dreams (My short review)


Yes, my dearest NiGHTS has returned to me. The original NiGHTS was the only reason I owned a Saturn, and the only game I owned for it for a long time. I have the 6 issues of the comic mini-series it had. I was all about NiGHTS. Well today I went and picked up my copy I had reserved for quite a while.

Well, I can't say that the game play sucks like I had previously heard around the interwebs. It's kind of wonky with just the remote, but the remote and nunchuk work well together I think. I think really my only complaint with the game is the voice acting. I would have actually rather it been silent with awesome music like the original. Of course, the soundtrack does still rock. But it's just kind of.. weird.. hearing NiGHTS actually talk, especially with a female voice actor. Which, I mean NiGHTS is androgynous, so really the voice could be either way, but it's just kind of weird hearing it as a female.

The cut scenes are incredibly beautiful in my opinion, especially for the Wii. The in game view (at least of Helen) leaves more to be desired, but it's definitely not bad. It looks better than a lot of things on the Wii, and thankfully looks much better than the original NiGHTS.

All in all I feel it will be a great game. I've only beaten the first mission with Helen, but I'll hopefully post an update once I've gotten further in the game.

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