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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities - Outtakes #17


Featuring Xenogears and several.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

I'm cleaning out Xenogears (1998) today so some findings for some interesting samples.

First we have the song "With the Sky, the Clouds, and You" which features a happy sequence like this:

There is a song from 1895 by John W. Bratton which features a sequence that reminds me somewhat of this:

I wonder if this falls into the ragtime category?

Next we have a sample from that song that plays on the Yggdrasil ship:

Such a sequence can be traced back at least to the silent movie era ("Oriental Music", J.S. Zamecnik, 1913, repeated occurence):

What else can I say? How about the "Flight" song that usually plays when our heroes have an epic resolve:

When hearing this the first time I thought this sounds like a crossover between the Magnificent Seven theme

and John Denvers "Country Roads"

There are other songs from the country domain that feature that "vibe" for the lack of a better term. Like "Angel In Blue" form J. Geils band (1981):

There just has to be a country song out there that sounds more like this.

For the starting jingle a honorable mention from "Yoko Oginome - Jonetsu" (1989):

About the Grahf theme 

I think the theme is based on early 20th century marching music. I don't have something that matches the sinister tone although I have something with some structural similarity: "By Land and Sea" by Kenneth J. Alford (1941):

And so after five months, Mitsuda season finally ends. Now that the Corona situation has relaxed in many places and due to my strained health I'll use the opportunity to make some vacation. So two weeks of classics entries it is.

Phil out.

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