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Duke Nukem Screenshot: Textures anyone?

Swelling with epic lulz, this screenshot pulled from teh Duke Nukem Forever trailer is fairly indicative of where the Duke stands.

Things to note:

Infinitely long rock star tour bus to the right, with large thick splats of 'blood' but lacking any other visible damage. Okay. Sure, that makes sense.

Intimidating alien folk in the foreground, who's blobbish non-defined weaponry intimidates with its severe lack of texture or definition. In other words, it looks like he grabbed a weapon-like piece of sanded concrete to defend himself with. Alright, fine.

Can we say "Distracting Motion blur" city? The location of said chaos looks like a Midgar + Las Vegas + Photoshop Blur Filter: Radius 10pt. Novel.

Smaller alien folk launching over conveniently poised Police Car (Cuidado! The Police means DANGER). Clearly avoiding the scene so as to escape embarrassment.

Moral of the story: an underwhelming tease.

As Mr. Jared a la Gametap so eloquently put it, "It looks like something Nintendo would have shown off back in like 1995 as a tech demo for the ULTRA SIXTY FOUUUUUUUUUR"

[Thanks be to Tree Boss for the tip tipp-a, who stole the keys to my bimma]
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