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Opportunity for aspiring game journalists

Here’s what looks like a good opportunity for someone that’s been wanting to get their foot in the videogame journalism door. Modojo, a site that covers portables and mobile games, is sending out a call for new writers. One very important part of this announcement is when they say “Previous experience is not required.” thereby granting a chance to us common folk. Plus, if you’ve been around Destructoid a while, chances are you’ve got several (hopefully) good examples of your writing to show off in the form of CBlog entries that could help tip things in your favor.

After giving the site a quick look-over it seems most of the focus is on game reviews, with the news section not receiving all that much attention. They’re accepting people for both positions but that might be something to keep in mind. Also, new hires won’t be getting any money at first but they do “intend to expand our paid editorial ranks.”
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