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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities - Outtakes #16


Featuring Xenogears and mostly traditional music.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

the first round of outtake comparisons for Xenogears (1998) which were not good or grand enough for their own entry.

First we have the song "Shattering Egg of Dreams" which plays mostly in scenes involving Elly I think:

The first address to look for this sequence, knowing Mitsuda, would probably be celtic/irish songs. And indeed, one can find several traditional songs from that genre that have sequences resembling this one.

"Old Shanakyle" composed by Thomas Madigan in ca. 1860: 

Or Willy O'Winsbury, also traditional:

The Banks o' Doon, traditional:

Finally there is a sequence that seems to constantly reppear in early 20th centurys jazz songs and which resembles the sequene form Shattering Egg of Dreams with a note inserted here and there.

Like George Formby Senior / Sailing (1920):

Thanks A Million - Paul Pendarvis (1935):

A more prominent example here from the soundtrack of the film "The Tin Star" by Elmer Bernstein (1957):


Next we have the song "A Ship of Regret and Sleep" which was the Gazel antheme I think?

The song seems to use an harpsichord, which would indicate Renaissance or Baroque background, as an instrument and a 3/4 time signature. A menuet maybe? Anyways, here are some songs from or inspired by that era that feature structure similar to this one:

There is also a song from Jethro Tull from 1969 called "We Used to Know" which features such a structure:

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Cobra  (1970):

For some of the other snippets of the song, "My Lady Nevelles Booke - The Battelle - The Irish Marche" by english rennaissance composer William Byrd:

Finally we have an oddball: The song "Tango Skin Polka" from 1989 by Funk Metal band 24-7 Spyz:

Next week, we have another round.

Phil out.

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