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A humble introduction


Hi there! My name is Sue and I'm a 25 year old trans woman who is obsessed with video games. I always liked to write about video games but haven't done that in a while. However, I figured that since I have an actual journalistic education now, it's a better time than ever to start writing again.

My taste in games is all over the place, by which I mean that I enjoy games of most genres and themes: from shooters to MMOs, from cheerful to despressing. I'm someone who could write a book about a game's story and how it affected me emotionally while also talk for hours about video game mechanics, business practices etc. Currently I mostly play Final Fantasy XIV, Animal Crossing New Horizons, Fortnite, Destiny 2, Smite and Fall Guys along with some single player game on the side (like Kingdom Hearts).

You can expect quite a few blog posts above the above mentioned games as I have quite a lot to say about them.

I'm also attempting to be a streamer, though I have been taking a break recently due to mental health and the lack of privacy making me unable to have a stable schedule. Other than that I also enjoy drawing, watching movies, traveling and photography and my biggest life goal is to make games of my own.

Hopefully you will find my writing interesting <3

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About Gaming Sheepyone of us since 12:16 PM on 08.30.2020

Welcome to the Gaming Sheepy gaming blog. My name is Sue and I'm a 25 year old trans gal who loves playing and discussing video games of all kinds. Some of my most played ones are Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy XIV, Fortnite and Destiny 2