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#Alive is a movie based around Oh Jun-u who is alone and stuck at his home during a pandemic that turns people into zombies must do what he can to survive with very little food and no running water.


Long Summary

We open to Jun waking up to his phone going off, he just ignores it and goes about his day. He also ignores his mom's sticky note that asks him to pick up groceries which then screws him when he's told to quarentine for 60 days.

A man bursts into Jin-u's apartment when Jin tries to peek outside to see how it looks in his building, the man says that he's Jun-u's neighbor and acts frantically to stay with Jun but he isn't having any of it, he tells the man to get out and the man begs Jun to let him at least use the bathroom. Jun agrees to this onlly if the man leaves right after. We find out on the TV when the man is in the bathroom that the infection can spread through just a cut. The neighbor walks through the door and you see him turn. Jun forces out of his apartment and just barely misses getting attacked.

A really cool intro sequence to the movie plays and it's a great start to the rest of this grat movie.

As the day goes on Jun loses reception so he can't play games to pass the time or call his parents to see if they're okay. To pass the time he mades video diary entries that he updates occasionally.

Jun has no running water and he wasted his last meal and starts to realise that he won't survive for long. He decides that he is going to take his life into his own hands because he doesn't want to end up like all of the other infected and attempts suicide by hanging. As Jun is hanging he sees a red laser pointing at him and he attempts to get himself down which he finally does successfully. We find out the person weilding this laser pointer is a girl by the name of Kim.

They become aquanted with one another and Kim helps Jun by sending him a care package through a zip line and Jun returns the favor when he helps distract an infected long enough for Kim to get it away from her in her apartment.

Jun realising that he's just going to run out of food again prepares to go out and find some. He wraps his shoes with cloth to make his steps quiet and goes into his neighbors apartment, where he dodges an attack from an infected man, he then sends some of the food he found to Kim and he also sends over a walkie-talkie that he found so they can finally talk to eachother. We then get a lot of back and forth with the two of them that felt charming and authentic.

Their conversation is cut short when Jun hears rain, when Kim and Jun look outside they realize that it's not rain at all but whatever it is caused all of the outside infected to rush indoors, where they almost get to Kim but Jun distracts them witha phone call. They decide that it's no longer safe to be there and suit up and get ready to leave, where Kim becomes Jason Bourn and makes a grapple in order to get to the outside parking lot where she is met with a massive hoard of zombies.

Kim gets tackled to the ground and is seconds away from getting bit but Jun is there and helps her, they continue to fight their way to the lobby and get into an elevator just as the zeds break in. They make it to the eighth floor which Kim thought was completely clear but we see dozens of infected there to greet them. Another close call when they try to get into a building and a survivor saves them. Unfortunately the survivor doesn't get thanks from Kim as she threatens him not trusting him at first.

The survivor tells them that there will be a rescue team coming and Jun and Kim start sobbing. "You two survived today" the man says as Jun passes out, it turns out that they had been drugged by the survivor, who then draggs Kim into a room and ties her up locking her inside with an infected woman presumably his wife who comes after Kim. Thankfully kim makes it out and the survivor is them bitten instead of her. Kim puts them both out of their misery with a gun which attracts all of the zombies in the area. Kim forces Jun to take the gun and wants him to shoot her so they don't suffer. Thankfully it's stopped when they hear helicopters flying above them.

With one last outburst of energy and an incredibly strong urge to survive they charge and force their way up floor after floor until they make it to the roof where there is nothing. no birds, no people, no helicopters, no hope. The zombies break through the door on the roof and the only way away is down or through, in one final effort Jun shoots a few of them all hope is seemingly gone until a chopper flys up and takes out all of the infected that are running towards Jun and Kim. They get on and finally escape.


This movie was a great experience and a blast to sit through. They get straight into the infections and it sets the tone perfectly. I definately reccomend this movie. The Infected weren't scary but, the situations that the characters that you get to know so well were. The movie was compiled of fantastic camera shots, realistically written and enjoyable characters. Fantastic makeup design for the zombies. I wish not so much of the movie took place in Jun's apartment because we were in there for 3/4 of the movie.

Overall this movie is good and if you have a Netflix subscription I would suggest giving it a goo.

Post Script

This is the first movie review I've done so sorry if it's not flushed out and good. I am open to suggestions and constructive critisism to help me make these better in the future. Thank you if you read this whole thing. I really do appreciate it.

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