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3 Great Pixel Indie Games.


I will be talking about Minit, The Messanger, and Carrion.

The Messenger

The Messenger is an old school Ninja Gaiden like game with witty characters, 4th wall breaks, compelling story, and great gameplay.

You play as a Ninja who's village get's invaded and destroyed by a demon lord. you are then asked by the legendary Western Ninja to become a messenger and deliver a scroll. You go through dozens of incredibly made and well illisratede maps with secrets and multiple paths. The Boss battles are really fun and the overall gameplay is probably the best on this entire list. The songs take you back to late 90s arcade nostalgia that does nothing short of propelling the fun story and game.



Minit is a classic style 8 bit game with the best music on the list and a great original story with fun characters and a 60 second time limit.

In Minit you find and pick up a magical sword that curses the user with immortality but you die every 60 seconds. You have to break the hex by getting to new checkpoints before death and using different tools for your adventure. The soundtrack was made by Jukio Kallio and it's incredible. It has a monochromatic black and white appearence which feels refreshing. This game has stayed in my library even 8 months after completion because the experience was really enjoyable and the fast-paced game giving a boost of adrenaline.



You're a terrifying creature who just broke out of a government containment unit and you wreak havoc.

KILL KILL KILL. you kill people and do your best to break out. The movement is the main element of the game that you can tell they really focus on. You can move in all directons in this 2d game, up, down, left, and right. This game is nothing but pure and absolute Chaos and it works. This game has the least to talk about but it is definately worth a play if you just wanna destroy a facility from the inside out.

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