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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #134 - A Million Shades of Country


Featuring Xenogears and mostly Country Rock.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

another Xenogears (1998) entry, this time featuring what many would consider to be THE song from the game, the ending song "Small Two Of Pieces" sung by nothern irish singer Joanne Hogg:

I suspect that the song has been inspired predominantly by country rock and irish traditional music. I searched through a large number of songs from these genres and occasionally found a sample that could fit right into Small Two of Pieces.

First let's have a look at 0:39, the part where the lyrics start. For that part I can offer a song by country rocker John Mellencamp from 1979 called "Sugar Marie". Listen for the backing, I think it would fit pretty well to that section of the song:

Next is the main jingle at 1:14, the one from the "Broken Mirror, A Million Shades of Light" part. There are several country rock songs where something comparable suddenly pops up in the middle of the song. Here we go:

Jackson Browne - For A Dancer (1976):

The song has more occasional samples that evoke the Small Two of Pieces feeling.

The Bellamy Brothers - If It's so Easy (1977) - (The sample I mean pops up all over the song so I just recommend listening it from beginning to end):

Pure Prarie League - Give It Up (1980):

Finally we have a sample from "Danny Boy", a ballad written by English songwriter Frederic Weatherly in 1913:

That song uses samples from a traditional irish song called "Londonderry Air" btw.

And this finished the main set of songs I planned for Xenogears. Next week we'll start our ever popular outtakes round that features samples that might be good but not grand enough for their own entry.

Btw VGMLs dGecko was so nice to make a youtube video version from several entries of this blog:

Thanks a lot for your work dGecko!

Phil out.

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