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Marvel's Avengers Isn't great...


Decent Graphics and ACDC won't save this game.

I was upset when I found out that PS4 gets Spider-Man and extra content for the same price, while Xbox and PC get completely shafted by Square Enix. They didn't need to add Spider-Man to the game it wasn't forces by Sony. They decided they wanted to add him into the game and didn't care that they would be fucking over half of their audience.

When I played the BETA I was surprised on how unpolished the game felt. The BETA was out 1 week before the game came out and the Full Release played the same as the BETA because it was only a week apart. 

A few good things I liked about the game before I start railing on the game.

The graphics were decent like I said. I personally thought a game being made by 2 companies with huge budgets and lot of experience would do a little better but they weren't horrible or anything. The soundtrack was also pretty good. 

Aside from those 2 things I didn't really enjoy the time I spent playing the game. The BETA had a 2.4 Star Review on Xbox because of the distribution issues when it came to Square Enix getting people the game as they promised.

I'm going to rapid fire my issues with the game so this doesn't take a super long time to tell you everything.

The Fighting and overall animation seemed very forced and rushed, it wasn't made in a way that made it look real or fluent. The Voice acting was actually quite bad. The opening cutscene where you hear a womans voice and she says "You know how they never say meet your hero's" was just very poorly executed. It came off as unprofessional as a kid in a wild island commercial. The Fighting was very boring and repetitive it was basically the same 4 moves everytime. They have a mechanic in the game where you can block enemy attacks and they ram it down your throat telling you to do it all the time but, only a select few characters can actually block attacks.

Down to the specific hero's. Hulk felt weak almost like he had brittle bones. Iron Man didn't feel like I was playing as Tony Stark. Miss Marvel was very cliche and playing her was an annoying task. Black Widow was probably the best character but just like everyone else she had 4 moves. Everyone else was so boring they aren't worth the mention.

The Story. The Story is so god damn predictable that an episode of Dora The Explorer would be more compelling.


The story was so predictable that when Captain America Died I could tell the second he died that he wasn't actually dead. It was more predictable than seeing a watermelon fall from a tall building. The game overall was just not good. It was a dissapointing stain on my Console.

Summary: The game is a bad with no redeaming qualities. It was made by 2 companies that fell from grace a while ago. The characters are played by bad actors, the game was made by bad creators, the company made bad mistakes and overally butt fucked their audience. The game is only liked by children and die hard Marvel fans. This game was horrid and I regret spending hours of time in the game.

doo doo

Seriously don't support companies like this when they fuck you over. You may not think you have a difference but if only 500 people refused to buy the game, you would cost the company $30,000

If 5,000 people refused to support them you would cost the company $300,000. You have a voice and you have the ability to fuck the companies that fucked you. The companies are nothing without you. You are the product, and if the product rebels the company will change. 

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