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Christmas Comes To Pac-Land

I remember when the big bang happened about 14 billion years ago, and I was all, "Dude, this is the most rad thing I'll ever see", And it was, until this year when I saw the "Christmas Comes to Pac-Land" cartoon special on YouTube.

There's a scene in it that I enjoyed even more than the SFII baby kick remix or the big bang: Santa's sleigh crash lands, and the way Santa takes care of his wounded reindeer is.. something I'll never forget. YouTube pulled the video, but before they did, I saved that one scene. Here it is:

I don't know if the whole movie is available anywhere else online, but I imagine so.

Also, this morning I went to the post office. There was a little basket of holiday candy stting near the edge of the counter to sample from. Sounds good so far, right? Right, but it was behind an inch of bullet proof glass. Was I supposed to ask her to slide me some candy?! LA is so gross.
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