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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #133 - Happy Gaia


Featuring Illusion of Gaia, Amilcare Ponichelli and more.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

as the days are getting darker again one finds themselves increasingly introspective and brooding, with the thoughts repreatedly drifting away into profound philosophical considerations. For example regarding the question how many video game villains you can think of whose name begins with "dark". Like Shining Forces Dark Sol. Or Final Fantasy Adventures Dark Lord. Or Golden Axes Dark Guld. Or Zelda 2s Dark Link. And finally Dark Gaia, the recurring villain from the Soul Blazer tetralogy, most prominently represented in the second part from 1993, Illusion of Gaia. 

Dark Gaia is no pushover and her battle is accompanied by an energizing orchestral song with a distinctive beginning: 

It sounds roughly like um-tcha um-tcha um-tcha um-tata, um-tcha um-tcha um-tcha um-tata.

In poetry, this kind of verse is generally known as Trochaic Tetrameter. It consists of four "feet" each consisting of a stressed syllable followed by an unstressed one (thanks @Nanohedron). Such structures also exist in music and are used to produce distinctive rhythmic structures. I collected some examples:

The closest one to the Gaia sample I have so far is one from the opera "La Gioconda" (The Happy One) by Amilcare Ponichelli from 1876:

The first silver medalist is from George Olsen and his 1926 song "Horses" (with vocals by Fran Frey):

followed by another one from Ferde Grofé and his Grand Canyon Suite  from 1931:

And back to the Xenogears rail we go!

Phil out.

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