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Time Crisis 4 & The Orange Box PC are Tango & Cash @ Amazon today


I have kind of a problem with light gun games: I love them too much. This deal is a tough one, to be perfectly honest. On one hand, a game that normally runs about $90 is down to a pretty sweet $49.99 + free shipping. On the other hand, a game that normally runs about $90 is down to $49.99 a very short time after it's release. I think I'm going to have to listen to 'ole Stevie on this one and say it's very superstitious, the writing on the wall. Ok, so it doesn't really make sense in this context, but are you going to argue with the original Blindside Dork? That was low, I'm sorry. Happy Monday!

I don't even think I need to discuss this. From 10AM PST(1PM EST) - 1PM PST (3PM EST) you can grab the best deal in gaming for the totally slamming, like Digital Underground slamming, price of $34.99 + free shipping. Do it, and as a bonus you get the eye bleeding, day-glo orange retail box. So very orange, so very blind. Stop with the Stevie jokes, people.
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