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Band of Bloggers: Summer in Avalar


Do you ever just get hit with a nostaligic feeling and find that you suddenly really want to play that game again, whatever game that might be. For whatever reason, whenever the weather gets unreasonably hot, I just need to play Spyro. Something about summer and Spyro just go together in my brain. So recently I redownloaded the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy to play through the games again. I played through the first game in a blur, and then got to Spyro 2, my personal favorite of the series. After getting through the first level of the game, Glimmer, Elora welcomed me to Avalar and something amazing happened.

I felt so relaxed.

With everything happening in the world right now, it shouldn't come as any sort of surprise that I've just been so stressed out lately. Ever since 2020 started I've just been a wreck, for all sorts of reasons. I think I've just become accustomed to being tense all the time. I feel like I have to always be on guard, watching out to make sure I'm social distancing and avoiding people not wearing masks. My immune system has never really been all that good, so I'm trying my best to not get sick, and it's getting to me. But then I arrived in Summer Forest, and this music washed over me.

I wasn't an adult anymore. I didn't have to worry about getting sick, or if my coworkers were going to be wearing masks tomorrow. I didn't have payments to make, I don't have older relatives constantly asking me about my nonexistant love life, and politics weren't interupting me with their doom and gloom. I was nine years old again, exploring an amazing world as a little purple dragon, loving everything I was seeing. 

The home worlds of Spyro 2 are filled with little secrets that reward exploration. I went to Moneybags as soon as I had enough gems and learned to swim (oh hey, Band of Bloggers theme finally shows up). I then returned to the beggining area and jumped in the little stream that was there and swam to the bottom and found an underwater cave. I remembered the delight I felt as a nine year old figuring this out for the first time. Even more exciting was that there was an orb hidden away at the end of the cave. It was something that I had discovered for myself as a little kid figuring video games out and it was incredibly rewarding. 

In those few moments of playing around in Summer Forest I feel like I was able to let go of the weight of the world that has been crushing me for upwards of seven months. While I was Spyro, I had nothing to worry about. I could swim somehow without any time limit on my held breath. I could jump into Ocean Speedway and just fly around. I could visit Sunny Beach and save baby turtles. Even with the threat of Ripto looming over Avalar, Spyro didn't care. Whether it's Gnasty Gnorc, or Ripto, Spyro can handle it, and you know what? I can handle it too. 

Now obviously me playing Spyro a little bit didn't change the world and make all the bad things go away. I still have to go to work and I still have to be careful. After a refreshing dip in the pool at the Summer Forest castle though, I'm feeling more like I can handle it. I was reminded of what it's like to be relaxed and happy. I was reminded why the daily stuggle is worth going through. Thanks for that Spyro, I really needed that.

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